The New Avengers

ITV (ended 1977)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Forward Base
      Forward Base
      Episode 13
      In a flashback to April 1969, Typhoon Agatha is raging, sinking five ships, causing chaos, and creating a new piece of coastline near Toronto. In the present day (1977), Canadian Intelligence receives a message and sets the New Avengers to uncover the truth about Agatha.
    • Emily
      Episode 12
      The trio are on the trail of a mysterious agent called 'The Fox'. He escapes, but he leaves a palm print on the roof of a car called 'Emily' owned by the elderly Miss Daly. The Avengers have to preserve the print at all costs to make a positive ID on their target, but events conspire against them.moreless
    • The Gladiators
      The Gladiators
      Episode 11
      KGB agent Karl Sminsky is recruiting criminals to train as supremely skilled fighters in order to smash Canada's security system. The Avengers find themselves up against a team of supermen.
    • Complex
      Episode 10
      Agent X41 (codename "Scapina") is the USSR's most effective spy. But a photograph has fallen into the hands of the Avengers which may give a clue to his identity. The trail leads the trio to Toronto.
    • K is for Kill: Tiger by the Tail (2)
      It appears that the Russian soldiers active in France were just the first wave of something bigger, which intelligence suggests is aimed at setting off a Third World War, and that two active K-agents are the key to the plan. One K-assassin is killed while attacking a retired general. But who is the target for the second K-agent, and how might this start a major war? Steed, Gambit and Purdey need to save the world.moreless
    • K is for Kill: The Tiger Awakes (1)
      In 1965, a young Russian soldier gunned down a Salvation Army Band and escaped, only to fall down dead and suddenly turn into an old man. Then in France, in the present, another young Russian soldier attacks some Frenchmen wearing old uniforms. And a Russian unit is found attacking an empty old house, and when one of the Russians dies, he also ages. Something very strange is going on, and Steed and his team want to know what.moreless
    • Hostage
      Episode 7
      Purdey is kidnapped, and to ransom her the kidnappers demand some Allied attack plans. Steed has them in his possession - but has the whole thing been a set-up to make Steed look like a traitor?
    • Trap
      Episode 6
      The Avengers foil a big delivery of hard drugs to a Chinese gang leader - and they find themselves on the run from his men.
    • Obsession
      Episode 5
      A missile goes missing from an air display, and at the same time there is a spy satellite taking photographs of Buckinghamshire. Meanwhile, one of Purdey's old flames reappears. Are these events connected? And is it anything to do with a visiting Arab?
    • The Lion and the Unicorn
      Steed is in Paris, where he captures his nemesis, a man called the Unicorn. But then the Unicorn is accidentally killed by his own side, and Steed tries to avoid total gang war breaking out.
    • Medium Rare
      Medium Rare
      Episode 3
      Mason has been acting as the paymaster of a number of informants, but something is wrong - although Mason didn't know it, his informants were all the same man. Then Mason works out the truth, and he is killed by Wallace, who has been pocketing a lot of money. Steed is put on the case - and Wallace decides to frame Steed and kill him.moreless
    • Angels of Death
      Angels of Death
      Episode 2
      A great number of senior civil servants, members of parliament and intelligence personnel are dying suddenly, apparently of natural causes, and no link between all the deaths can be found. Then a dying British agent talks about "angels of death" that kill from within. What is going on, and who is behind it all?moreless
    • Dead Men are Dangerous
      Someone is destroying the things that matter to Steed, including his china and his car. Then Purdey is threatened. Steed and his team have to work out who has a big grudge against him.
  • Season 1