The New Casper Cartoon Show

ABC (ended 1969)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • The Witching Hour
      The Witching Hour
      Episode 26
      (Summary missing - please contribute.)
    • Wendy's Wish
      Wendy's Wish
      Episode 25
      Wendy wishes on a star for new red dancing shoes. But, you should be careful what you wish for...
    • Weather Or Not
      Weather Or Not
      Episode 24
      The Trio want to go out booing in bad weather, so they send Casper out to check the forecast.
    • The Wandering Ghost
      (Summary missing - please contribute.)
    • A Visit From Mars
      A Visit From Mars
      Episode 22
      When a little Martian boy playing hooky crashes his "borrowed" saucer into the house, Casper shows him around. But the Martians are convinced that the saucer was stolen by humans and declare war on the Earth.
    • Twin Trouble
      Twin Trouble
      Episode 21
      Wendy's aunts magic up mischevious twins of Casper and Wendy to cause trouble around the Enchanted Forest.
    • The Timid Knight
      The Timid Knight
      Episode 20
      (Summary missing - please contribute.)
    • Super Spooks
      Super Spooks
      Episode 19
      Casper's lookalike - but big and muscular - cousin Powerhouse drops by for a visit, and they team up to scare the Ghostly Trio into ending their bullying ways.
    • Small Spooks
      Small Spooks
      Episode 18
      The Trio see Casper reading a book about insects and decide if they could become tiny, they could spook all the insects in the Enchanted Forest. Fatso tricks Casper into getting them some magic reducing pills from the witches - can Casper stop their shennanigans?
    • Red Robbing Hood
      Red Robbing Hood
      Episode 17
      Casper must help the good vigilante Red Robbing Hood win his throne back from his evil cousin.
    • The Professor's Problem
      (Summary missing - please contribute.)
    • Mother Goose Land
      Mother Goose Land
      Episode 15
      The Ghostly Trio are running amok in Mother Goose Land, and its up to Casper and Wendy to stop their "fun."
    • The Magic Touch
      The Magic Touch
      Episode 14
      Casper tries to help The Great Foozini perform his magic act.
    • The Lonesome Giant
      The Lonesome Giant
      Episode 13
      Casper meets a giant with no friends, and introduces him to the forest animals. But the animals aren't so sure they want to be friends with a giant!
    • Little Lost Ghost
      Little Lost Ghost
      Episode 12
      Casper brings a little lost ghost boy home with him to stay the night, and the newcomer's bratty behavior infuriates the Trio.
    • Kings Of Toyland
      Kings Of Toyland
      Episode 11
      The Red and Blue Kings of Toyland are arguing over which color should the Royal Color of Toyland, and Casper must step in to mediate.
    • The Heart Of Gold
      The Heart Of Gold
      Episode 10
      Midas the Miser wishes to rid himself of The Golden Touch, and to do so he must find a heart of gold. Can Casper help him?
    • Growing Up
      Growing Up
      Episode 9
      The Ghotsly Trio make mischief by slipping Casper an enlarging potion.
    • The Greedy Giants
      Casper's new friend the Weeping Willow is tired of being teased by the other trees, and the little ghost decides to help him.
    • The Enchanted Horse
      The evil Eastern magician Ali Booboo feeds an ensorcelled apple to Nightmare, turning her into his slave. Casper and Wendy must pursue Booboo to his castle in the clouds to rescue their friend.
    • Cold Wave
      Cold Wave
      Episode 5
      Casper must foil the plans of an evil scientist who is trying to block the light of the sun from reaching Earth.
    • City Snicker
      City Snicker
      Episode 4
      Casper makes an attempt to "cure" Spooky of his scaring habits.
    • The Bored Billionaire
      (Summary missing - please contribute.)
    • Bedtime Troubles
      Bedtime Troubles
      Episode 2
      After the Trio's racket drives Casper from his bed, the friendly ghost encounters a bear with insomnia. He enlists the help of the Sandman, but the bear seems incurable.
    • The Absent-Minded Robot
      Casper meets Robbie, a "misfit robot," who's been kicked out of the robot factory for being chronically absent-minded. Can the ghost help Robbie make some new friends in the forest?