The New Detectives

Season 7 Episode 18

Collective Justice

Aired Daily 2:00 PM Sep 24, 2002 on Discovery Channel

Episode Recap

In 1984, a night manager finds murdered body of Terri Brooks. Brooks was working in restaurant. A large knife was the murder weapon and was still in her necks. Trash bags were used to cover up the body, but also left behind a latent print. Narrator says that the restaurant were Terri worked in was known for its robberies but that this wasn't a robbery. The print turned out to be a dead end as it belonged to a female co-worker. However, the same co-worker recalled a near violent confrontation with Terri and a couple of drunken hecklers. Despite this though the case went unsolved for almost fifteen years.

In 1998, the case was reopened under new investigators. They started to re-interview people. Detective Nelson Whitney. His team saw that previous evidence was overlooked. It seemed that Terri knew her killer. The Vidocq Society became interested in the case. They come up with a couple of profiles, but they are off. They then learn that Terri's fiancé, Scott Keith, was remarkably unmoved by her death. Nearly fifteen years later, Scott Keith is brought in for questioning. DNA evidence is found with Scott's DNA. He also failed a polygraph test. He eventually confessed to the murder of Terri Brooks and was sentenced to life in prison.

Next case is the May 1991 Texas murder of Scott Dunn. The girlfriend of Scott, Alicia Hamilton, called his parents to say he was missing. Scott's boss said he a got a call from girlfriend saying he left for another woman. Scott's father, Jim Dunn found this hard to believe. Investigators question the girlfriend then search her residence for clues. They uncover that a piece of carpet had been cut out. It was later found with duct tape with dried blood. Investigators found more dried up blood. Alicia tells another story where she went out a tenant in the same residence, Tim Smith. She said Smith harassed after their relationship ended. Investigations find out that Alicia had a dark past of her that she was often labeled as controlling and abusive. They interview Tim Smith who dropped a bombshell that she and Alicia were moving in together. Investigators searched his place and found the same duct tape in Alicia's residence. DNA found matches Scott's DNA. However, investigators don't have a body to put charges on Smith yet. As with the other case, the Vidocq society was contacted. They did their own investigation. Eventually, they persuaded prosecutors to charge Tim Smith and Alicia Hamilton. Both were convicted and sentenced to twenty years in prison.