The New Detectives

Daily 2:00 PM on Discovery Channel Premiered Oct 01, 1996 In Season





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  • Detectives solving crimes using technology and forensics

    The New Detectives is one of my personal favorites because the show displays great emotion and the detectives abilities to solve perplexing and complex crimes with only little evidence amd no suspects. Some of the cases involved are highly emotional and very disturbing because it has actually happened before and can easily happen again. Child abduction and the murders of children are the episodes that are really emotional to watch. What is so great about this show is that it shows how the people who work in forensics use their technology to link a fingerprint to the suspect, or identifying dna so that detectives can finally make the arrest that they have been waiting for. This show is filled with the science of forensics and the technology used to put away suspects that have commited grisly and horrifying crimes.