The New Detectives

Daily 2:00 PM on Discovery Channel Premiered Oct 01, 1996 In Season





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  • This series was one of the first to take a serious look at forensic science. Each episode follows a theme such as poisonings, arguments turned homicidal, or murders designed to look like accidents or suicide. The science used to solve cases is amazing!

    I've been a fan since the series began, and find I cannot be bothered with series like the CSI franchise, because I not only know the science better than that series (though I hear they don't do a bad job), but because I find the science itself far more interesting a storyline than any of the schlock that Hollywood can dream up--truth is not only stranger than fiction, but far more interesting! If I were to go back to school and train for a new career, I'd look into forensic sciences because of the interest this program has engendered. The most amazing episodes I've seen involved a case that hinged on finding the DNA from a tree, which proved that a killer's truck must have been under the same tree where a body was found: the truck had contained a leaf which the man had not swept out when he cleaned up following the murder. The other case involved striations from a screwdriver end matching up with marks on a small part of the engine of a car which was used by the victim of a crime. How amazing it is that cases are solved in many cases by the hard work of scientists who look at the tiniest clues to help detectives see the big picture. I can't find this program often enough, and look forward to finding episodes I haven't seen yet.