The New Detectives

Daily 2:00 PM on Discovery Channel Premiered Oct 01, 1996 In Season





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  • The New Detectives is a forensic crime show in the tradition of Forensic Files

    Great crime show on forensics. Basically in the same vein of the Forensic Files with differences though. It's an hour show, the cases are a bit more varied with everything from poisoning to sexual sadism, identity theft and much more.

    If I remember correctly it ran on Court TV, then turned True Tv now it's on Investigation Discovery five days a week.

    It's a great show. A couple of cases are high profiled cases and others are cases you never heard about, but every episode is intense, and is informative, and entertaining.

    The recreations are very decent. Sometimes they use no name actors and other times they use the detectives and people connected with cases. For a very low budget show they do manage to bring this show to a high quality. It's ten year run proves that.