The New Detectives - Season 2

Daily 2:00 PM on Discovery Channel Premiered Oct 01, 1996 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Mind Hunters
    Mind Hunters
    Episode 1
    Psychological Profiling: Take a trip into the minds of the worst society has to offer. Every detail tells FBI Profiler Robert Ressler what he needs to know…to catch the killer.
  • Camera Clues
    Camera Clues
    Episode 2
    Forensic Photography: The unforgiving eye of the camera is there at the scene to catch the clues when a crime first happens. Who takes what the camera has to say and turns it into useable information?
  • Double Helix
    Double Helix
    Episode 3
    DNA Analysis: Your DNA can either convict you or set you free. These experts use anything from blood to chewing gum to find the answers they need.
  • Web of Clues
    Web of Clues
    Episode 4
    Forensic Entomology: Bug have been around for millions of years. Their habits surrounding death can tell these experts when the victim died.
  • Faces of Tragedy
    Faces of Tragedy
    Episode 5
    Forensic Sculpting: These experts can take nothing more than their knowledge, clay, and a skull and bring the victim to life. Once nameless victims can now have a name.
  • Without A Trace
    Without A Trace
    Episode 6
    Missing Person: In America nearly 1.8 million people are reported missing each year, factor in the world and that number triples. Using computer databases and other means victims are found, laid to rest…or never seen again.
  • Burning Evidence
    Burning Evidence
    Episode 7
    Identifying Burned Remains: Murder is hard to prove with no body, when the victim has been burned it is even more difficult. Fire does more than destroy evidence…it can keep the secrets you don’t want anyone to know.
  • Short Fuse
    Short Fuse
    Episode 8
    Explosives Investigations: A woman opens a box which explodes killing her. Soon to follow are five other bombs just as deadly as the first. This soon turns into a massive investigation leaving the experts to sift though the evidence.
  • Death Grip
    Death Grip
    Episode 9

    Fingerprinting: The backbone to forensic science, the fingerprint is a very effective way to identify victims and criminals. Not only are fingerprints used but also palm prints and foot prints. Data entered into massive databases make identifying people easy…when there is a hit.

  • Signed In Blood
    Signed In Blood
    Episode 10
    Handwriting Analysis: Every pass of the pencil leaves a little of ourselves behind. Taking the time to evaluate documents can tell the difference between suicide and murder.
  • Witness To Terror
    Witness To Terror
    Episode 11
    Black Boxes: A plane plunges toward the ground and upon impact little remains. The only possible survivor is the flight data recorder. This little black box could hold the answers to the last terrifying minutes.
  • Trial of the Century
    Forensics in the O.J. Simpson Murder Trial: The verdict is in Not Guilty of murder. O.J. Simpson emerges a free man. What was the evidence and could it be trusted? These experts break down the evidence could and could not tell us.
  • Deadly Target
    Deadly Target
    Episode 13
    Ballistics: A body with a gunshot wound to the head, the gun is next to the body. Was it suicide or murder? Every part of the gun can be analyzed for the correct answer.