The New Detectives - Season 8

Daily 2:00 PM on Discovery Channel Premiered Oct 01, 1996 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Trial By Fire
    Trial By Fire
    Episode 15
    These are more cases where crimes are often covered by arson. The first case is the murder of Donald Harmasec. The second case deals with a serial killer, Edwin Kaprat, who in Springhill, Florida used arson to try and cover up his crimes against elderly women.
  • Crimes of Passion
    Crimes of Passion
    Episode 10

    When killers are driven by jealousy and desire, their desperation is evident in both the crime and their efforts to avoid detection. But forensic science can reveal even the slightest mistake to solve crimes of passion.

  • Lethal Encounter
    Lethal Encounter
    Episode 9

    In most homicides, police rely on motive to pursue a murderer.
    But when the killer is a stranger�the crime may go unsolved for years.
    It takes a full arsenal of forensic techniques�to trace� a lethal encounter.

  • At Close Range
    At Close Range
    Episode 8

    When a victim is gunned down at point-blank range, police often assume that a friend or acquaintance is to blame. After all, it is difficult for a stranger to commit an assault at such close range. Follow investigators as they use clues to track down the most unlikely of killers.

  • Grave Secrets
    Grave Secrets
    Episode 7
    Coming soon
  • Random Targets
    Random Targets
    Episode 6

    Most victims of multiple murderers are meticulously chosen because of a mutual connection with the killer or because they match an intricate set of criteria that fits the killer's MO. The most frightening cases of murder occur when the killer appears to choose victims at random, without an apparent connection.

  • Elements of Murder
    Elements of Murder
    Episode 5

    There are several things that can suggest murder; jealousy, anger, poison…When everyday substances reveal hidden clues that break a homicide case, those substances become the elements of murder.

  • Betrayed
    Episode 4

    Sometimes when a death seems to be accidental or the result of a tragic accident, it is up to forensic scientists to reveal the deception lying just below the surface. Watch as law enforcement officials uncover the hidden betrayals that reclassify cases from accidents to homicides.

  • Material Witness
    Material Witness
    Episode 3
    "Material Witness" deals with cases where despite having no eyewitnesses to murder, evidence is found to put a killer away. The first case is the one of Doug Beamish accused of murdering his wife. The second case deals with 1990 disappearance of Maureen Boyle. The last case is the one of Al Pinegar who may have been murdered by his former friends.moreless
  • Toxic Death
    Toxic Death
    Episode 2

    Sometimes, the cause of death does not match the scene of the crime. When an untraceable poison is used to commit murder, homicide detectives turn to forensic toxicologists to follow a killer's tracks and expose a toxic death.

  • Murder For Hire
    Murder For Hire
    Episode 1

    For some killers, murder can be a profitable business. And the scene of the crime can be both a source for clues, and puzzling questions. When a victim has been targeted for death, investigators must look beyond the obvious to uncover a murder for hire.