The New Dick Van Dyke Show

CBS (ended 1974)


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The New Dick Van Dyke Show

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The New Dick Van Dyke Show was Dick Van Dyke's return to television after pursuing movie roles, following the highly sucessful run of the Dick Van Dyke Show.

In this incarnation he was Dick Preston, a talk show host and later a soap-opera actor. The show focused on his work and his home life with wife Jenny (Hope Lange) and daughter Annie (Angela Powell). The show ran on CBS from 1971 to 1974.

For the first two seasons, the Prestons lived in Arizona. Dick hosted a local talk/variety show called "The Dick Preston Show." His sister/secretary was "Mike" Preston, and he and Jenny's best friends were Bernie Davis and his wife Carol. Dick's boss was Ted Atwater, a money-greedy type of man.

For the last season, Dick, Jenny, and Annie left Arizona (after Dick's talk show was cancelled) for Hollywood, where Dick got an acting job on the soap opera "Those Who Care." New characters were Richard and Connie Richardson. Sadly, when the first format was just kicking up, the second format came in and caused the ratings to decline. The second format was made because of the fact that Carl Reiner left the show after 1973 because of a censorship dispute. Famously, the show had filmed an episode where the Powell's daughter walked in at a delicate time. Nothing shocking was shown on-screen, but the network demanded the whole episode be cut and reworked. Carl claimed censorship and walked away from the whole show.

Airdate History Season 1 1971-72 CBS Saturdays 9:00pm EST Season 2 1972-73 CBS Sundays 9:00pm EST (Sept72 through Dec72) CBS Sundays 7:30pm EST (Jan73 through Summer73) Season 3 1973-74 CBS Mondays 9:30pm ESTmoreless
Dick Van Dyke

Dick Van Dyke

Dick Preston

Michael Shea (II)

Michael Shea (II)

Lucas Preston (1971-1973)

Barry Gordon

Barry Gordon

Dennis Whitehead (1973-1974)

Dick Van Patten

Dick Van Patten

Max (1973-1974)

Fannie Flagg

Fannie Flagg

Michelle "Mike" Preston (1971-1973)

Hope Lange

Hope Lange

Jenny Preston

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  • The story of Dick Preston, a talk show host and later an actor and his wife and children.

    This show was created by Carl Reiner, the genius who wrote and created the gem The Dick Van Dyke show in the 60's.

    In what is basically an updated version of that show, is the story of Dick Preston, his wife Jenny and their three children (although oldest son Lucas is rarely seen).

    Dick is a talk show host in Arizona where he is surrounded by this wacky sister Mike, his best friend and manager Bernie, his wife Carol and a variety of interesting and unpredicatable talk-show guests.

    In the opening show of the series, the Prestons discover that after 10 years, a new baby will be joining them, picking up on the theme of a settled married couple who are suddenly hit with an unexpected surprise.

    The first two years hold the best shows, most of them based on episodes of the former show, but the third year when the Prestons' move from Arizona to California, it looses most of it's flavor, as well as the supporting cast.

    Still the episodes are funny and touched with the magic of Dick Van Dyke, they can't really go wrong. Hope Lange is hideously under used as Dick's wife, Jenny.moreless

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