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  • WAY too many sex questions now

    What happened to Family Feud being a family show? Steve Harvey's Family Feud is more like Adult Feud. Every question now has to relate in some way to sex. I remember back when Richard Karn was the host and the show was a lot cleaner back then. That was Family Feud. There used to be questions like "Name something neighbours fight over", "Name an ingredient a baker would hate to be allergic to", "Name an excuse a husband might give his wife for not wanting to go to Church on Sunday", or even "Name something Hawaii has more of than any other state". Now we have questions like "Name a piece of candy that is a size of a nipple", "Name a man's body part", "Name something you'd do for sex", or even "Name a fruit or vegetable you in the kitchen that you also use in the bedroom". It's time to grow up already. I know the show had those kind of questions going all the way back to the Ray Combs era but they weren't so repetitive back then like they are now. Family Feud is no longer a family show
  • I heart Steve Harvey

  • No longer FAMILY Feud

    Family Feud used to be one of my favorite shows but I am not going to watch it anymore. Since Steve Harvey has been host the show has become nasty and vulgar. It is not for the family. It used to be for all ages. Our family use to love playing with the contestants. No more.

    Not only is the questions suggestive, Steve Harvey adds to it by obscene gestures and comments. This is suppose to be a prime time "family" show. I am sorry but it is far from being "family" oriented.

    Please clean up the show. I would love to start watching it again.
  • all shows

    why is it that the percentage of families that win are way greater in the black ethnic group than the white? Just asking!!!
  • I'll watch this on occasion

    I would watch this so if nothing else remotely better is on. I find it funny when they have really stupid people in some of the families, and you can tell the other members of the family are nervous about what their going to say, then they say something really idiotic that doesn't really have anything to do with the question. This is really one of the only game shows out there that i really don't mind watching. If you have a craving to watch mediocre TV I would mind recommending this show to people, so if you see this show on just give it a chance.
  • its good

    ya i like this shwo al from tool time thats pretty sweet better than the original doo doo doo doopey doo day hay hay wadda ya think saturday hmm hmm hhmmm whoo hoo who ho ho ho santa clause is on his way i like cookies up the nose