The New Ghostwriter Mysteries

CBS (ended 1997)


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  • Season 1
    • Future Perfect
      Future Perfect
      Episode 13
      It looks as though Fort Greene Pizza may be going out of business as Henry, the owner, has to pay off his Nona's debt to a psychic. Everyone but Nona Rosa believes that this Madame Paulina is a fraud. The gang set out to prove this and get Nona Rosa's money back.moreless
    • The Bad Rap
      The Bad Rap
      Episode 12
      A kid at school, Malcolm, is always getting teased for his love of writing poetry. He hears one of his poems on the radio in a rap song--done without his knowledge. The gang set out to find the members of this local rap group, who just might be a little bit more dangerous then they'd imagined.moreless
    • Treasure Hunt
      Treasure Hunt
      Episode 11

      As Cam and JoJo sort through books donated to the library, Cam discovers that there is a treasure map inside a copy of Treasure Island. The gang head to the old home of the book owner to try and find the treasure. However, his nephew is on the hunt for the treasure as well.

    • Sweet Revenge
      Sweet Revenge
      Episode 10
      Ace is a kid selling Get-A-Bars as part of his plan to save up money for college. Trouble ensues when they find two men in hockey masks stealing Ace's Get-A-Bar sales book. Emilie's journalistic instincts tells her that there's a story there--something that just might lead the gang to danger and jeopardize Em's spot as editor of The Rattler.moreless
    • Teacher's Pet
      Teacher's Pet
      Episode 9
      After Cam is nominated for an important award, she is chosen to dogsit for the judge. While walking the dog, Cam stops to talk to Jessica--another contestant for the award. Soon the dog suddenly disappears leaving no clues but a 'To Do' list. However, the list seems to point to one of Cam's friends.moreless
    • Broken Window
      Broken Window
      Episode 8
      Cam often goes to visit an elderly woman that lives in a set of apartments. One night while Cam is visiting, someone throws a rock through one of the windows of the apartment. As they dig for clues, Emilie finds that a student's family who lived in the same set of apartments was forced to move because they were being harassed. It seems that the owner of the apartments has had a history of trying to scare off tenants in order to increase the amount of rent he charges. However, he's just one of the suspicious characters that's the possible culprit behind this crime.moreless
    • Designer Crime
      Designer Crime
      Episode 7
      While out shopping for new clothes, Cam sees a woman in the dressing room shoplifting. After turning her in, Cam begins to not only feel threatened by her husband, but finds a "stolen" dress planted in her backpack. After visiting the man's store they find that his "knock off" clothing looks suspiciously like real designer outfits.moreless
    • Past Tense
      Past Tense
      Episode 6
      After Principal Eisenbud's new pocket computer gets stolen, Jake the janitor is immediately a suspect after student's hear a rumor about his past as a prisoner. However, the rumor gets worse when Em hears that her dad was not only Jake's friend, but a former inmate with him in jail. The gang is sure that Jake wasn't behind the theft and must figure out who was responsible. Meanwhile, Emilie deals with the rumors of her father's past.moreless
    • Moving Parts
      Moving Parts
      Episode 5
      As many car thefts occur in the Fort Greene area, Strick begins to think that Officer Malone is suspecting him as the theif. Soon after he realizes that Officer Malone might actually be setting him up to take the fall for these thefts. Soon the gang find themselves in the middle of a bizarre car theft ring.moreless
    • Disappearing Act
      Disappearing Act
      Episode 4
      A chain of neighborhood thefts are happening so the team has to figure out who is doing it. However, Strick regonizes the thief as his best friend from Juvenile Hall, Shep. Em and Cam go on a search to find Shep's house while Strick tries to find Shep himself--something that might be a little dangerous.moreless
    • Flagrant Foul
      Flagrant Foul
      Episode 3
      High school basketball superstar Cedric Jones needs to get a great grade on his English paper in order to play in the very important upcoming game. He gets an 'A' on his paper only to realize that the paper that was graded is not his own. As the gang investigates this mystery, it takes a twist when Cam's friend Lauren is kidnapped.moreless
    • For Art's Sake
      For Art's Sake
      Episode 2
      A tagger is tagging the walls for the new "Fort Green Youth Center." Trouble is, if the city council sees the graffiti, they won't pay to turn the property into a youth center. The gang set out to track down the mystery tagger.
    • Losing Bet
      Losing Bet
      Episode 1
      After betting slips are found in a student's locker, everyone but Cam is sure that he's guilty. The gang set out to find and prove who the theif is, but find some trouble along the way.