The New Ghostwriter Mysteries

CBS (ended 1997)


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  • Just like it's predasecor this is a show about a ghost and a group of kids trying to solve a mystry but it lacks a lot of the magic that made the original ghostwritter so great!

    This was a show about a Ghost and a group of kids. It was an ok show, however when comparred to the original it ends up disapointing. What I liked about the original was finding out Ghostwritters past and this show takes a huge step back as a new group of kids encounter ghost writter leading to the viewer to have to watch them figure out who he is all over agian. Not only that but it leaves you to wonder what happened to the orginal group as one would know ghostwritter wouldn't just up and leave them and I doubt the kids would out grow himr or anything. I guess in the end the only reason I don't like this show is because it just reminds me that they never failed to wrap up the origianl series and because it was way to short I was used to 4 part mystrys. In the end it would have been better if they just had contunued the old show.