The New Hollywood Squares

(ended 1989)




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The New Hollywood Squares

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Welcome to The New Hollywood Squares guide at "Join John Davison and your favorite stars!" That was the tagline to the second revival to The Hollywood Squares, the classic celebrity tic-tac-toe game of bluffs. Davidson, a frequent guest celebrity for the original squares, presided over the fun this time around. Two contestants, including a returning champion, competed. In turn, each contestant chooses a celebrity, to which host Davidson read a question. Many of the celebrities gave zany bluffs (joke answers) before coming up with their own answer; sometimes, they also gave a funny explanation. It was up to the contestant to decide whether they would agree or disagree with the celebrity. A correct judgment earned the player their mark in the box, but an incorrect reply meant their opponent got the box. That is, unless it led to tic-tac-toe, for which the contestant had to earn himself. The first player to complete a tic-tac-toe – up-and-down, across or diagonally – won cash, depending on the round ($500 for the first two games, $1,000 for every round thereafter). The second game of each show was the Secret Square game, which awarded a trip. To win the trip, the contestant had to choose that celebrity (up to that point, known only to the home audience), for which Davidson read a special multiple choice question. If the contestant was correct in agreeing or disagreeing, he won the trip. If the "time's up" horn sounded in the middle of a game, each contestant won $200 for every mark on the board. The contestant in the lead was declared champion and got a chance to win a new car. The car round was largely the same as the car round on the 1970s version of Split Second. But to explain The New Hollywood Squares version: The contestant was shown five cars (usually the same make, with five different models available). He/she selected a key and chose a car he thought it would start. He/she was also allowed to pick one celebrity (for good luck) for every day he/she was champion (just like Rick Rosner's first game show Just Men!). If the car started, he/she retired undefeated; otherwise, he/she returned the next day to face a new challenger. Upon a champion's subsequent visits to the bonus round, previously chosen cars were not available to be won; if they returned on Monday, when a new set of cars was available, the least-expensive cars were taken out of consideration. A player competed until defeated, winning the car or staying on the show five days (after which time they automatically won the last remaining car). This show also had 4 car wins in a row, joining Card Sharks (CBS), Hollywood Squares (Bergeron) & Just Men! in that feat!moreless