The New Hollywood Squares

(ended 1989)





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  • Game Show before Bergeron hosted it when the show was returning in 1998. Great Bonus Round. Front Game: $500 First two rounds, $1,000 each round for the rest of the game.

    I like this show, with it's on-camera announcer in a square and the car round. Joan Rivers and Jimmy Bullock really bring down this house for the three years of this series. John Davidson, regular of the Marshall version of the series, was the host of this version for the three year run. Again, I like this version.
  • Game show comedy at its finest!

    The New Hollywood Squares brought new jokes and sight gags to a game show which had seen its day. The new infusion of fun by Executive Producer Rick Rosner led to this incarnation as one of the most creative. A staff of writers and segment producers constantly cranked out funny bits. The concept of taking the show to Hollywood Florida and then from the incredible Radio City Music Hall added to its uniqueness. Filling Radio City Music Halls 5900 seats and an additional 100 seats on the stage made The New Hollywood Squares have one of the largest live audiences for any indoor game show.