The New Mickey Mouse Club

(ended 1977)


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The New Mickey Mouse Club

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In 1975, Disney released the original black and white "Mickey Mouse Club" episodes to syndicated television. They were so well received by young audiences of the time that Disney was convinced to bring back the show as The New Mickey Mouse Club, starting in January, 1977. While the show had 2 seasons, it didn't make it to a 2nd year. It was never as popular as the original.

Much of the criticism of the show centered around the editing. Segments were taped individually, and then, added together with little to connect them. Episodes rarely had a tie to the date they were shown and often seemed disconnected from each other and the themes. The show repeated through 1978 and early 1979. At times in 1978, previous episodes would be reedited, combined, and split to create seemingly "new" episodes. However, all of these were simply repeats of previously aired materials.