The New Monkees

(ended 1987)


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The New Monkees

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In The New Monkees, the four new Monkees live together in a large mansion. So large in fact, they tend to get lost in it. A butler named Manford who has been living in the house longer than anyone else, seems to be the only one who understands the house. The mansion has its own diner, in place of a kitchen. Rita is the diners' waitress. Not a single soul remembers when Rita arrived at the mansion, except the butler, Manford. Rita is a good listener. She cheers our New Monkees up when they need it. The Mansion is alive with the voice of Helen, who seems to be somewhat in controll of things, or at least she think she is. One day Helen got tired of working at the Pentagon, and decided to move on. She sent her data-banks secretly to another computer. Little did she know she was moving into the New Monkees mansion for a whole new carrer change. After moving in and checking things out, she declared she was "home." Expect the crazy and wacky world of the New Monkees to encounter the unexpected.

In 1986, MTV celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Monkees by airing the original episodes of the TV show back to back one weekend. A whole new generstion of Monkees fans were born and Columbia Pictures decided to capitalize on it. They decided to create The New Monkees. Unfortunately, the new show never caught on and only 13 episodes aired in syndication.

The New Monkees released on CD, self-titled by Warner Bros. records. Track Listing 1. What I Want 2. Do It Again 3. I Don't Know 4. Way She Moves 5. Boy Inside the Man 6. Burnin' Desire 7. Whatever It Takes 8. Affection 9. Carlene 10. Corner of My Eye 11. Turn It Upmoreless