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The New Normal revolves around a blended family of a gay couple Bryan Collins & David Sawyer(Andrew Rannells and Justin Bartha) and single mother Goldie(Georgia King) an aspiring Lawyer, who after running away to L.A with her daughter Shania,agrees to become their surrogate. The show is from Glee's Ryan Murphy and Ali Adler with Ellen Barkin co-staring along with The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Nene Leakes.

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    • No shock

      I hate to say it but this comes as no shock. The writing was absolutely terrible. It had so much potential but the writers pretty well sank this ship. The show started off string and Nana was the perfect balance. But you saw less and less of her and what you did see was toned down greatly. Instead you got endless episodes of social statements shoved down our throats and obnoxious Shania that just wouldn't shut up. I started out as a big fan of the show but by the time the season was over I was almost glad to see it go. That is rare for me. This show was the reverse of Partners. For me that show started off very weak but got stronger and stronger as the weeks went on. Unfortunately it got axed as well.moreless
    • This is BAD

      I can't say I am surprised this show was cancelled. I am actually really tired of these Ryan Murphy projects. Can't he go and hide in some island for a while and just make room for others to make pitches? I am sorry for Justin Bartha but then again it was his fault for choosing to work in such a bad show.
    • Holding Both Thumbs Down

      I'm a member of a group who all watch the same show to be discussed on Facebook. Hadn't seen a single episode, quite frankly, had no interest in watching because I'm not a fan of NeNe Leakes after watching one episode of her loud mouth on Housewives. Watched to give an unbiased review and it was difficult staying tuned. Read some of the reviews about "Gays" and that's not the reason I don't like it. Plain and a bad show.moreless
    • Bad Television

      Two Words - Strongly Dislike!
    • Rip off of Modern Family

      Keeping this short and to the point - Tried watching the show and changed channels half way through. It's a rip off of "Modern Family" and a bad version at best.

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