The New Normal

Season 1 Episode 3

Baby Clothes

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Sep 18, 2012 on NBC

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  • Strike three! This show should be out.

    Again, this show fails to deliver any real entertainment value. NBC please shot this show and put us out of the misery of having another bad show on the air. It's a shame a good show like "E Ring" gets canceled and we are stuck with this type of programming.
  • Andrew Rannells is Amazing

    Another plot-based episode that was funny and charming though not earth-shattering. However, I did cry watching this - Andrew Rannells' performance in the bedroom scene was heartbreaking and mind-blowing. His passion and how he portrayed Bryan's concern really made me respect not only Bryan's character but Rannells' acting a lot more. This episode is what really got me hooked on the show.
  • So Much Better than Episode Two!

    My biggest compliment: Characters other than Nana got to be very funny!

    Another major compliment: Shania was not a freak (or as much of one as in episode two)

    Still not as good as the Pilot, but heading in the right direction. The gay couple is now more believable. Now I hope the next episode will top the Pilot and will intorduce the character Rocky.
  • Nice episode

    Best episode so far, but that's because I didn't like Nana Jane in the first two episodes. Dialing her language down a little worked better for me. And I'm impressed by Justin Bartha and Andrew Rannells, they really make a believable gay couple!
  • Same Old Boring Story that's Been Told a Dozen Times or More

    I watched this episode hoping for better. But Ryan Murphy seems hell bent on telling the same old sad stories again and again. The irony is that Ryan is attempting to portray "The New Normal" as if these people all live next door to Archie Bunker. And dare I say there was not one good belly laugh to be had in this tiresome episode. Yeah, Ryan, we get it... some people hate the idea of gays raising children. Please tell us something NEW about "The New Normal." Better yet, just try making us laugh.

    P.S. Has the CANCEL order come down from the network honchos, yet? Any moment now, folks. Any moment.
  • Needs to be seen...

    A show like this NEEDS to be on the air. Nuff said...
  • Love is Love and Hate is Hate

    This episode was funny, but did have a much more serious tone than the previous ones, and while I'm sure some people won't like that fact, I very much enjoyed it. This show is about a gay couple having a baby and there was no realistic way to get around the intolerance that comes with that. I thought the episode was very well done and handle the issue perfectly.

    It was also very humorous, my favorite moment being Nana taking the kids to planned parenthood, and it also managed to show that, while Nana Jane will probably always be political incorrect she might have a heart hidden deep down and might develop a relationship with Bryan and David.

    This was a fantastic episode, and I look forward to what's in store for next week.
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