The New Normal

Season 1 Episode 19

Blood, Sweat and Fears

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Mar 19, 2013 on NBC

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  • The Bryan/David plot: Why???

    Bryan and David's plot in this episode was so completely stupid. Why would you need a plot about birthing methods? There was one good thing in the plot though, the birth of the child. The mother saying that she didn't care what gender the baby was, as long as it didn't look like her sister could have been funny if not placed at the completely wrong time, in a serious moment. Goldie's plot was fine, nothing specificly good or bad about it. Rocky and Shania were good though.
  • I hate NBC for shifting the order of episodes..

    and some dumb people who are accusing the show for inconsistencies.. obviously there is a change of order in episode appearances, how hard is it to understand this -it is a Halloween episode in march for god's sake! no need to blame the show for anything.. every character developed until the end of season and yet, they put it here to mix everything.. this is not just bad programming it also is a crime against any show.. god I hate NBC so bad..
  • So, what does this do to the show list?

    If this episode was #8 instead of #18 does this mean every episode moves up one place?
  • Wrong episode indeed.

    This episode was supposed to have aired back in October over Halloween. Not really sure why it didn't. But this is not episode 18 it's episode 8. Still a good one though.
  • Wrong Episode!

    they're playing episode 8 tonight instead of 18!
  • Pregnancy Regression?

    Why is Goldie less pregnant in this episode? She dropped at least eight weeks! And she made peace with the ex and now he's back and suing for custody? This show is annoying the crap out of me. The stereotypes, the cliches, the racist and ***phobic grandmother, and the inconsistencies are all too much. I'm done with this show.
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