The New Normal

Season 1 Episode 21

Finding Name-O

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Apr 02, 2013 on NBC

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  • Finding Lame-O

    This episode shows that this show has lost so much of what it used to have in the way of funny. This could have been a hilarious episode where Bryan wants to give the kid this crazy name which Jane would call the gayest name she's ever heard and David would want to give the kid a more normal name. That would have been hilarious. This was the complete opposite. David was the one wanting to give the kid a weird name! What? David? This makes no sense! Meanwhile with the other plot, Shania becomes obsessed with something again (surprise, surprise), her name. Now she wants the name Sarah. An extemely normal name! But Shania doesn't like to be normal! She likes to be different! That's the point of Shania! But, even though I've said so much bad about this episode, there are stil some good things causing this episode to get 5/10 from me. But, overall, an episode where people behave the opposite of how their character typically does.