The New Normal

Season 1 Episode 14


Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Jan 22, 2013 on NBC

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  • Nice Ending

    I thought that this episode had a nice ending, although, it was a slightly rough journey getting there. Rocky is a great character and I am happy with how much we have been seeing her recently.
  • Amazingly Appropriate

    One of my favorite episodes yet. Even though the premise seems offensive, by the end of the episode everything is handled perfectly in terms of political correctness and moral quality. The messages about clothing and first impressions as well as gaydar were resolved wonderfully, showing significant character growth. Jane's in the closing part of the episode really developed her character and made her much more likeable and easier to empathize with. Overall, fantastic.
  • #114 'Gaydar'

    This episode was much better than last week's dose and while it was extremely insulting and stereotypical (even more than usual) it was still a good sport and the comedy was very well handled. Mark Consuelos and John Stamos guest star as love interests for Rocky and Jane but they seem really .... cough, cough ... GAY? Uhm, yeah. Guys seemed to be havin' a ball on this show - especially John. I hope he remains to be seen as a recurring character. But there's still many things to improve and they could always get to the better level. I hope these writers realize it before it's too late. [7.5/10]