The New Normal

Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Sep 10, 2012 on NBC

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  • NBC is clueless

    This show is horrible!
  • Great Start

    This episode showed the potential this series possesses - all of the characters were introduced well and the couple's desire for a baby was developed nicely. This episode hooked me in, as a pilot should, and made me want to watch more.
  • I Couldn't Live in Prison Without My Lean Cusine.

    I truly enjoyed this show. It is something I plan to continue to watch. From the quirky little girl, to the bigot Nana, I loved it all. I found Bryan and David to be endearing and loving, and someone who I could look up to. Nene Leakes needs to work on her delivery, and Goldie needs more funny lines, but other then that pure perfection in my opinion. The writing was good and so was the directing. The womb terrorist was hysterical, and I hope that's not something that really happens.

    It was good, funny and sweet and I will be tuning in again!
  • Great start!

    Wow. This is great! So many laughs! Shania and Nana are both HILARIOUS!

    This show has much potential. I hope it remains great.

    Though I would like it if Goldie was funny sometimes.
  • Full of Potential !!

    After watching the pilot I'll definitely be watching & following this series to see how it develops. I just loved the set-up of the story and such a great cast, Justin Bartha and Andrew Rannells really have such natural chemistry together that I automatically felt a connection to Bryan & David as a couple. Also NeNe Leakes who I just love along with Ellen Barkin really do bring their own quality to their characters that had me in stitches with every line. On the basis of the humor and jokes and puns, some felt a little forced and unnecessary and only used for cheap laughs,but others were comic gold and most of what came out of Ellen Barkin's mouth was so wrong yet so right that I couldn't help fall into hysterics. What I really liked was that it wasn't just a show trying just to be funny but had a real heart to it that made you care about the characters and not just the concept. The New Normal really offered a great pilot to set the tone and although it does require some fine tuning it has so much potential and can easily become a new favourite of mine.
  • It's good.

    People need to get over themselves and their bias. This is a comedy show, not an NBC drama--it's characters are meant to conform to certain stereotypes to begin with. The actors do an amazing job of portraying this and grabbing your attention, and I don't feel like I'm being force-fed any 'special' messages. I found it to be funny and endearing.

    As a pilot, this succeeds in many ways. It has crafty humor mixed with time-worn cliches. The gay couple who want a baby from 'Goldie' have good chemistry together. Shaniah, the little girl, was one of the best parts of this pilot and I'm looking forward to seeing more of her.

    Now let's hope this show is allowed to spread its wings, in spite he inevitable amount of hatred it will get from certain people.
  • Awful

    This is not quality television! When there are so many well written tv shows out there - I don't understand how people can enjoy this crap. Could not get through the whole episode!