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  • No shock

    I hate to say it but this comes as no shock. The writing was absolutely terrible. It had so much potential but the writers pretty well sank this ship. The show started off string and Nana was the perfect balance. But you saw less and less of her and what you did see was toned down greatly. Instead you got endless episodes of social statements shoved down our throats and obnoxious Shania that just wouldn't shut up. I started out as a big fan of the show but by the time the season was over I was almost glad to see it go. That is rare for me. This show was the reverse of Partners. For me that show started off very weak but got stronger and stronger as the weeks went on. Unfortunately it got axed as well.
  • This is BAD

    I can't say I am surprised this show was cancelled. I am actually really tired of these Ryan Murphy projects. Can't he go and hide in some island for a while and just make room for others to make pitches? I am sorry for Justin Bartha but then again it was his fault for choosing to work in such a bad show.
  • Holding Both Thumbs Down

    I'm a member of a group who all watch the same show to be discussed on Facebook. Hadn't seen a single episode, quite frankly, had no interest in watching because I'm not a fan of NeNe Leakes after watching one episode of her loud mouth on Housewives. Watched to give an unbiased review and it was difficult staying tuned. Read some of the reviews about "Gays" and that's not the reason I don't like it. Plain and a bad show.
  • Bad Television

    Two Words - Strongly Dislike!
  • Rip off of Modern Family

    Keeping this short and to the point - Tried watching the show and changed channels half way through. It's a rip off of "Modern Family" and a bad version at best.
  • An Interesting Roller Coaster Ride of a Show, but Good

    This show started out great. Sure, it had a couple of bad episodes here and there, but it was generally good. Nana was hilarious. Shania, when not obsessed with something, was good. Goldie was really sweet. Though, Rocky was fairly invisible. Then, in January, the show crashed. the episodes were not very good. Nana rarely appeared. Rocky, though, became the best part of the show. Rocky became a sweet, lovable, hilarious character. But, besides her, the show was not good. The usual bad plot ideas actually made bad episodes, unlike in the fall. But, when everything seemed totally downhill, the season finale was at the level of episodes 1 and 3. It got its funny back, which it did not have at all January-March. Overall, a good, but not great, season.
  • On its way up

    In the beginning episodes, I enjoyed the show, but did not think it had a chance. As time goes, the writers have hit their stride. Each episode for some time now has had a good moral message without sacrificing the overall format of the show.

    I think it needs a second season to really hit it stride. It has the same potential as Modern Family. The actors do a great job! I would miss each one of them if the show were cancelled.
  • People are not ready for this show is brave.

    I think the audience in the USA are not ready for a GAY driven show. Will & Grace? Grace was straight. Glee? Many straights and a few gays. "Brothers & Sisters" 3 Gays and many straights. The point is that all these shows and the shows that the other commenters mention were not solely driven by Gay-Protagonists.

    New Normal is the only and first real primetime American gay character driven scripted comedy (The plot is moved by the GAY protagonists and their funny or sometimes insulting supporting cast).

    And all you commenters that want "REAL" gay people portrayed, would have said that it was too real if they didn't use stereotypes to portray these characters. Stereotypes are used to protect people by allowing them to watch something from a distance, to objectify and create opinions from a safe distance.

    Would "REAL" gay characters be great to see on TV? YES! But how long did "Queer as Folk" last? QAF was a "REAL" gay show, it even had Lesbians and dealt with "REAL" gay characters. Why was that canceled? Too real?

    I am gay and am offended that some people want the show to show more "Normal" guys that just happen to be gay... Really. It is insulting to feminine gay guys. Yes I am butch and manly and most people have no idea that I am gay but I have many "Fem" friends who are more feminine and loud and openly different in the way they dress and act.

    This show is brave because it gives the openly gay guy the freedom to be openly gay. It doesn't just show you the socially accepted Gay Jock Butch Gay, that doesn't look gay, heaven forbid a gay guy should look gay. And to the older gay man that cannot relate I can only say that it is an age and generation issue. My generation totally relates to this. I have a serious boyfriend and we want to use a surrogate one of these days and this show really gives us an amazing look into that process.

    So the audience might not be ready for liberal, gay driven plots yet. It is sad that a show like this gets slammed but something as lame as "Big Bang Theory" will run for another 4 same old same old seasons not adding to the world anything more than funny one-liners. New Normal is trying to showcase a NEW normal, hence the title. This is my normal, and I think just because it isn't yours do not hate it.

    I hope the network will be as brave as the writers and creators of this show is.

  • Pretty good!

    The show is kind of cute. I was desperate to find something on Hulu Plus and don't have TV, so I found this. It is pretty good. To me, it is entertaining and the acting is very good, especially by Ellen Barkin and the little girl. When she does the gray garden impression, I was hooked. It is just a good, basic show, just like the Mindy Project. Not as good as Dexter, Madmen or other shows of that nature, but for its genre, its pretty good.
  • NBC is Clueless

    This show is horrible! It's a wonder NBC is still on the air. Next time NBC, try to use a focus group of people, who actually watch TV. This show hopefully will not last long.
  • Love it

    Me and my boyfriend really like this show it's funny, cute and fresh
  • Love it or hate it

    This show seems to split the audience exactly in half: Either you love it or you hate it.

    I tried to find out what it is.

    I guess this show is your 21st century 90s-sitcom.

    You have all the stereotypes and sillyness and kind-of-realistic setting of the all-american 90s sitcom but the writing is very modern.

    Apparently this is a unique style and wether you like it is more a question of taste, because it is well written and photographed, has a good cast of actors and the wise-ass little girl (that seems to be mandatory in TV shows nowadays) is not annoying at all.

    Personally, I love this show. It makes me lough and cry, and that's all I can ask for in a 20-minute film piece.

    So I'd say give it a try, you might love it - or not.
  • The New Normal Rocks my socks.

    Funny smart well dressed and ground breaking the next will and grace! cant stop laughing.
  • 'The New Normal' is crap

    As a gay man and part of a 50-something gay couple, I really don't get this show at all. It resembles nothing of what I know to be average gay men. The characters have no depth, the humor is embarrassing and it's so full of stereotypes you'd think it was produced by the Tea Party. I'm all for seeing more gay characters on TV (we need role models out there!) but real, down-to-earth characters that live real lives and just happen to be gay. It's been done before -- the gay brother on "Brothers and Sisters", the gay brother on "Six Feet Under". I hope this show is a one-season fluke.
  • Silly and insipid

    I didn't really enjoy this show. I found the scenario a bit silly.. I was put off after the first episode!!

    Love the show . real life real character . the young girl amazing and funny .
  • I LUV IT!!

    I know I'm not be the only one who LUVS this show, cause its still on! I think its HILARIOUS. I look forward to it every Tuesday. Bryan is FUNNY, a perfect counter foil for David's SERIOUSNESS. Goldie is SWEET. Shania is quite impressive. Ellen Barkin is SUPERB. Rocky is AWESOME. that episode with her God daughter had me in stitches. I love the concept. Its very entertaining. Good on you NBC. Hope it stays.
  • Using a Complicated Situation for Easy Laughs

    After just a few episodes of The New Normal, I'm already questioning whether the characters Bryan and David have the parenting skills to carry the ridiculous premise of this sitcom into a second season. I get that all the gay cliches make for easy yuks and even "edgy" humor for the flyover states. And I should expect no less than dialogue which whiplashes from shock value to smarmy, politically correct sentiment from the creators of Glee (a show that portrayed teen pregnancy as being as traumatic as having a pimple). But the cliches and shallow humor make the gay power couple and future dads barely likeable. Modern Family's Mitch and Cam are a much more relatable portrayal of same-sex parents. But where The New Normal really makes no sense and treads on disturbing territory is the relationship the couple have with their baby-mama-for-hire surrogate, Goldie, and her daughter. I know of only one gay couple that has had children through a surrogate. Like the show's characters they have lots of disposable income and are connected with the entertainment industry, but that's where the similarities end. They were strongly encouraged not to form too close a relationship with their surrogate and went through arduous contractual arrangements for what is an incredibly sensitive legal and human transaction. The cost of that contract went up significantly when it was learned the surrogate was carrying twins. I'm assuming in the show's fantasy portrayal of same-sex surrogacy parenting, Bryan and David intend to continue the relationship they have with Goldie and Shania after the baby is born. Does that also mean Goldie and Shania will have a relationship with their daughter and sibling? Does that relationship include Goldie breast-feeding the infant? And what if Goldie actually gets to meet a man she'd like to have a future with? What becomes of her maternal attachment to the power dads' baby then? The show would be way more interesting and real if it addressed these issues. But these are complicated, emotional and societal issues that are hammered out in the surrogacy contract. It's much easier to make jokes out of baby clothes, pretend weddings, little Edie impersonations and a bigoted Nana.
  • Confused show, such a chore to watch

    I watched the first three episodes of this just 'cos I've copied it into my tablet and had nothing else to watch. This show tries to make a statement but it's really ineffective because the gay couple here is so -- EH. They could've casted Bryan better - Andrew Rannells is not likeable, then his character is such a brat. I don't even hate him. I just don't care for his character. Nor Justin Bartha's.

    The saving grace here is the mom and the kid. The kid was funny.! Ellen Barkin plays the old-fashioned bigoted grandmother which feels soooo outdated. Are there even people like this still existing in this day and age? So blatantly racist and judgemental .. it's almost offensive since this show tries to be serious.

    Don't waste your time with this. I'm a series pack rat and I've deleted this already.
  • Not bad, but not getting better...

    Not bad enough to get me to stop watching it, but it's getting there. I was quite happy to have a gay couple be the main characters of a sit-com. Will and Grace did well, but they always downplayed Will's love life (specially compared to how much they showed of Grace), so I thought this would be a great step in the gay rights movement. It's not really. They are still playing it safe, putting each character into comfortable boxes of "the man" and "the woman", something I have never seen in a real-life gay couple.

    The characters are also comfortably stereotypical. That aspect of the show isn't that bad, stereotypes can be fun, and they usually evolve from it after half a season or so. No, this show's problem, is simply it not being very funny. The pilot was good. Some of it was a little preachy, but I felt it was necessary to show Goldie's reasons for doing what she's doing. Same with the second episode, the jokes fell a bit flat sometimes, but it was generally entertaining. The third episode okay, if watching two guys kiss in public makes you uncomfortable, you're probably not watching this show. I think it's important to show the hardship gay couple's experience, but not that early in the series, and they did it badly. The viewers of this show are doubtfully ***phobic, and don't need to be told not to be. Yet, that's how it felt.

    The fourth episode was just downright bad. They obviously forgot to make jokes to make room for all the political comments, though kudos for not making the republicans sound like crazy people. Seriously, I just watched the episode on my DVR, and I can't remember any jokes! It was all politics and Bryan and David feeling bad about not having black friends

    A more general comment. For a while, I thought the acting was a little bad, but soon I realized, it's not the acting, it's the script. The dialog feels very stilted sometimes. The acting is good when the script is good.

    In conclusion, I hope this show gets better, because I see so much potential in the actors and the premise, but it just doesn't get where I hope it will.

  • Trying to hard, falling too short

    I have watched homosexuality on TV go from being a no-no to being implied to being out, daring and revolutionary to being a charming part of mainstream entertainment to being, in the case of The New Normal, tediously formulaic. The show wants to be daring and politically correct, with its sweet gay couple (one stereotypically fabulous, the other a jock) and it's surrogate mother with her Archie Bunkerish mom.

    But it all just feels like a sitcom trying to hard to please. It is a sitcom that says, "look at far we've come, we can have gay couples on TV, we can have them kiss, we make fun of the bigot, you've got to love us!"

    But none of it *quite* works. Some of the jokes are funny, but the characters are so generic. The more stereotypical of the two gay guys feels more like a clone of Jack from Will and Grace than a new creation. His boyfriend and the surrogate mom are both pleasant and forgettable. The only characters with any bite are Ellen Barkin, who's pretty good as the over-the-top bigot, and and NeNe Leakes as a sassy black chick. But then the fact that the show *has* a sassy black chick is yet another example of the shows propensity for stereotypes and cliches.

    It's not that it's a bad show, it's just a thoroughly mediocre one. Which just means gay characters have now achieved sitcom parity with straight ones. Viva la revolucion!
  • The New Nuclear

    The new twist on the family for the 21st century inspires! It may have some kinks to work out but the premise of the storyline is so full of imagination to makes me want to keep watching. It works on the sitcom level and has some elements of dramedy within the plot.

    The characters are slowly unfolding. The antagonist is already showing a human side though she is the most surreal personality - for most people wouldn't be so vocal in her concerns.

    This is the new kind of comedy people, if you can't deal with it, go back to All In The Family.
  • Nice comedy

    The topic is original and it's funny even if it asks some good question. In this show we can find Ryan Murphy print with really stereotypical characters but it is different from his other shows!
  • I think other viewers are taking this show too serious.

    It's a comedy, not a drama. If it was realistic, it wouldn't be NBC material, it would be lifetime. It's funny in the same way Community is, could be a good show, pretty good so far.

    1) The couple wanting the kid is "too perfect." Their relationship lacks any sense of realness. There is no conflict. Where there is conflict, there is comedy. Right now, these two gay men are about as exciting as a new can of paint.

    2) Nene Lekes: Her talent is being wasted. Her character lacks any sense of realness. Bless Ryan's heart for wanting to give a sister a chance. But he should have been bold with his choice and made one of the leads a Black guy and Nene his disapproving and oftentimes over-bearing sister. Nene would also be great as the BOSS of Bryan rather than his assistant - and the tension would be that she less interested in him being a daddy and more concerned about him helping her achieve some outrageous goal of hers.

    3) Decide what kind of show you want to be. I fear the producers of this show are too caught in trying to present a message. Take a lesson from Will and Grace and just have FUN with it.

    4) Ellen Barkin is awesome! Again, she is boring as the "voice of the Right" - a woman of her experience and talent should be the "crazy mom" of one of the gay guys! Perhaps the conflict would be that she wants the baby more than her son. Just bring some real tension to her role. Right now, every scene with her is predictable and therefore, boring.

    5) Be Creative! Come on, Ryan! Come on, Allison! Give us something to talk about the next day. Televison should be fun!

    6) I don't know about you, but I'm soooooo over the precocious female teen. How many shows have we seen this character? A million? It would have been tons more interesting if Goldie had a son she was trying to raise who was really against what his mom was doing - and each episode the audience would be tasked with trying to understand why. Again, add some real tension to Goldie's immediate family. Sometimes I feel like I'm just watching an old episode of Brothers and Sisters.

    7) Sally Field needs to be a guest! But she so needs to play a comic version of herself! The New Normal needs to surprise us each week with someone playing against type. While this show doesn't need to be as zany as say a "Happy Endings" - it definitely needs to stop taking itself so serious. We got Anderson Cooper for that.

    8) We need some "MESSY." Perhaps all this baby planning can be interrupted by a Hot new neighbor who catches one of the guy's eyes and brings into doubt the stability of their relationship? Again, what kind of show does The New Normal wish to be? I say if you're going to write the show like a gay version of Desperate Housewives, then GO FOR IT. If not, make it that zany comedy and turn Nene and Ellen loose! Show the awkward progression of these two wonderful women becoming "Besties!" See, I'm laughing already!

    9) Stop trying to be "The New Normal" - just be a show about people living their lives in this day and age! Think about this - and you'll get what I'm saying. If not, call me. Maybe.

    10) Go back and start at #1 until you get it right -- otherwise, this show won't be around much longer. And that would be just sad.

  • Good start!

    It's a good start of a very amusing comedy. Yes, the characters -were- in fact, likeable, and the two main characters (the gay couple) have excellent chemistry. I started watching expecting it as it was--a comedy, and it purposely goes to the extremes when poking at certain stereotypes. Why? Because it's a comedy. It's a 'feel good' comedy, too, with adult humour weaved in. That's my only qualm--the pilot seems to not know what kind of comedy it wants to be. It's like watching snippets of Scrubs, Friends and Will & Grace all taken out of a blender.

    I laughed, and I smiled while watching this...all the while remembering that it's a comedy. If people are going to get offended by comedy, then they should be pulling 75% of all stand-up comedians off the stages across the globe.
  • I don't buy what they're selling...

    Tried to watch this and couldn't stand it. The characters are not believable. It's probably written by somebody that thought well there's wide range of gay men, so lets take one from each apposing ends and stick them together as a couple. The show feels forced and I don't see it lasting long.