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  • Not bad, but not getting better...

    Not bad enough to get me to stop watching it, but it's getting there. I was quite happy to have a gay couple be the main characters of a sit-com. Will and Grace did well, but they always downplayed Will's love life (specially compared to how much they showed of Grace), so I thought this would be a great step in the gay rights movement. It's not really. They are still playing it safe, putting each character into comfortable boxes of "the man" and "the woman", something I have never seen in a real-life gay couple.

    The characters are also comfortably stereotypical. That aspect of the show isn't that bad, stereotypes can be fun, and they usually evolve from it after half a season or so. No, this show's problem, is simply it not being very funny. The pilot was good. Some of it was a little preachy, but I felt it was necessary to show Goldie's reasons for doing what she's doing. Same with the second episode, the jokes fell a bit flat sometimes, but it was generally entertaining. The third episode okay, if watching two guys kiss in public makes you uncomfortable, you're probably not watching this show. I think it's important to show the hardship gay couple's experience, but not that early in the series, and they did it badly. The viewers of this show are doubtfully ***phobic, and don't need to be told not to be. Yet, that's how it felt.

    The fourth episode was just downright bad. They obviously forgot to make jokes to make room for all the political comments, though kudos for not making the republicans sound like crazy people. Seriously, I just watched the episode on my DVR, and I can't remember any jokes! It was all politics and Bryan and David feeling bad about not having black friends

    A more general comment. For a while, I thought the acting was a little bad, but soon I realized, it's not the acting, it's the script. The dialog feels very stilted sometimes. The acting is good when the script is good.

    In conclusion, I hope this show gets better, because I see so much potential in the actors and the premise, but it just doesn't get where I hope it will.