The New Normal

NBC (ended 2013)


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  • An Interesting Roller Coaster Ride of a Show, but Good

    This show started out great. Sure, it had a couple of bad episodes here and there, but it was generally good. Nana was hilarious. Shania, when not obsessed with something, was good. Goldie was really sweet. Though, Rocky was fairly invisible. Then, in January, the show crashed. the episodes were not very good. Nana rarely appeared. Rocky, though, became the best part of the show. Rocky became a sweet, lovable, hilarious character. But, besides her, the show was not good. The usual bad plot ideas actually made bad episodes, unlike in the fall. But, when everything seemed totally downhill, the season finale was at the level of episodes 1 and 3. It got its funny back, which it did not have at all January-March. Overall, a good, but not great, season.