The New Normal

Season 1 Episode 7

The Godparent Trap

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Oct 23, 2012 on NBC

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  • Still DOA

    Dead on the air. Thumbs and toes down.
  • Religion

    A great episode that concerned religion and Bravid. I really loved the theme and the pacing of the plot - when Bryan referenced the transgender movement I guffawed. One of my friends who is Christian called me after watching this episode and told me that the show had just won her over. Loving it!
  • Better than Expected

    That's what this show does. You read the description for an episode, and you think that it will be bad, but then it isn't! Father Micheal was really funny!
  • Renewed faith

    To be honest, I was starting to give up on this show, but this episode's been the best so far. I wasn't really excited about the religious theme but it was delivered nicely. The scene with Brian and the priest in the confessional was great. Yes, it was a little bit preachy, but it was well paced and fun at the same time. The priest was a little bit too cool to be true, but it was nice to see that kind of character out of the cliche, because that's one of the mayor failures of the New Normal. Also, the Marshmallow plot was cute and we saw a really interesting side of Shania. Oh, and Nana's absence was truly appreciated. I hope the rest of the episodes goes like this.
  • NBC Cost cutting tactics

    There's a scene where David is watching TV and Bryan comes back from church, even though they live in L.A., David's watching CFL football between the Argos and Alouettes on TSN. (It's the Canadian Football League) I guess NBC couldn't afford the NFL licensing rights.