The New Scooby-Doo Mysteries

ABC (ended 1984)


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  • Season 1
    • The Nutcracker Scoob

      The evil Mr. Nickleby is set to damper another Christmas season for the children's home. Can the Scooby gang warm his heart?

    • EIEIO
      Episode 19

      A giant mouse is haunting a farm, and the gang must stop it!

    • A Scary Duel with a Cartoon Ghoul

      The gang goes on a Hollywood tour of Bananatoon Studios, where Scrappy's favorite cartoon, "Hero Hound", is created. While there they run into a mystery and are hired by Buster Banana, the studio head, to find out why the evil Monster Mutt is stealing all the films in the studio.

    • Night Louse at the White House

      Scooby encounters ghosts of past presidents.

    • A Halloween Hassle at Dracula's Castle!

      Dracula invites the gang to a party.

    • Sherlock Doo
      Sherlock Doo
      Episode 11
      The gang enter the London Mystery Solver's Contest to track down the ghost of Sherlock Holmes.
    • Showboat Scooby/The ‘Dooby Dooby Doo' Ado
      Showboat Scooby: Part 1 The gang heads over to the Showboat to see Dixie Doo, a cousin of Scooby Doo. But before long, all the customers are scared away by the ghost of Col. Beureguard, who is looking for Magnolia. She believed he stole her priceless emerald necklace, so she refused to marry him all those years ago. Can the gang solve the mystery and rid the showboat of it's haunts? The 'Dooby Dooby Doo' Ado: Part 2 The gang heads to Las Vegas', Circus A Go-Go, tosee Scooby's cousin Dooby Doo in concert. Soon it seems someone is out to kidnap Dooby Doo and steal his fancy collar, which was a present form a fan in New yourk, so Scooby turns decoy with a fake collar. Looks like trouble!moreless
    • A Night Louse at the White House
      Velma, a research assistant for NASA, bring Daphne, Shaggy, Scooby and Scrappy out to dinner at the White House where they are discussing the new space station Velma helped with. To everyone's surprise, the ghost of George Washington comes, and says he wants to reclaim his home. With that come a few more "presidential" ghosts, a brass eagle, and paintings that are missing, and others with their eyes cut out. Why are these ghosts haunting the White House?moreless
    • The gang decided to party at Dracula's Castle, and it turns out they are the only ones who decided to wear costumes. All the other guests decided to wear their everyday monster clothes.
    • South Pole Vault: Part 1 Dr. Carlin, the director of research, at the Antartic Scientific Research Camp, hires the detectives to find out who is sabotaging his research work on sea lions and penguins. All the researchers want to go home, but the professor won't let them leave until the research information is found. The Night of the Living Toys: Part 2 The Scooby Doo Detective Agency is hired by Heir Driesbach of the Black Forest Toy Shop, to discover who is stealing his profits form his safe. Does it have anything to do with the toy store being built over the elf kingdom, and where is the treasure that Heir Driesbach's grandfather found?moreless
    • 10/14/84
      The kids are on a South American expedition with Velma's uncle, Professor Cosmo Dinkly, to recover the Celestial Orb" a baseball sized ruby, that has a map on the Lost Temple of Syrius. The temple is believed to have been built by the ancient astronauts and filled with secrets and treaure. It soon seems that they are not the only ones searching, Professor Dinkley's ex-assistant Ms. Mullens is lurking in the backroom, waiting to steal the orb.moreless
    • 10/7/84
      A Code in the Nose: Part 1 At the Top Secret Amy Compound, Code Nose the master spy, steals the Top Secret Government Decoder. While on the getaway, he stashes it in the Pingree's Department Store. The government recruits the gang to find the decoder named "Myrtle", by using code words it responds too, throughout the store. Doom Service: Part 2 The kids are summoned to the Overview Hotel by Jack Marstin, the owner, to rid it of the ghost of Ebenezer Overview, the former owner who died 100 years ago. It seems that some of the guests are frightened though, like Sheldon Keets, the horror novelist and occultist, and Mrs. VanLoon and her invisible dog. Does it have anything to do with the Western Air Command down the street?moreless
    • Mission Un-Doo-Able: Part 1 This episode is basically a spoof on the classic show Mission: Impossible. The gang is sent to the Statue Of Liberty in New York to stop a mad scientist who plans to take over the world. Can Scooby, Daphne, Scrappy and Shaggy stop the mad scientist? The Bee Team: Part 2 The gang is attacked by killer bees in this case. Honey from a bee farm they were visiting turns out to be a secret formula of rocket fuel. Also, the fuel is being protected by giant bumble bees! Will the gang survive the attack of the killer bee's and find out who is behind all of it?moreless
    • Scoo-be or Not Scoo-be: Part 1 Next stop on the Cheapo European Tour, Denmark, and it seems there is something "rotten in Denmark" as the kids run into the ghost of Hamlet at the Castle Hotel Hamlet they are staying in. The ghost wants to let the kids know something though, "Beware, the Bridey Boo!".

      The Stoney Glare Stare: Part 2 In the Greek islands, the kids head for Cyclops Island, to find the legendary "Mask of Medusa" with Professor Meikas. But it seems that Thadeus Blimp, a treasure thief, wants the mask too, and he plans to turn all the world leaders and his enemies, including Scooby, to stone.moreless
    • Scooby's Peephole Pandemonium: Part 1 The kids are hired by Orson Kane, a publisher to do a story on Norma Deathman, an actress whose last movie "Fangs For The Memories", was filmed in 1933 and she has not since been photographed or interviewed. The kids go in disguise as "Creepy Caterers" to her birthday party, but when Norma's jewels turn up missing, the gang must find out who stole them before they get blamed. The Hand Of Horror: Part 2 While in search of Louie's Pizza Place, the kids get lost and stop for directions at the Von Gizmo Estate. While there, they encounter Ratfink, the Von Gizmo's twins ex-assistant, who claims they stole his secret invention, the "helping hands", which turn out to be remote controlled hands.moreless
    • 9/9/84
      Daphne, Shaggy and Scrappy head to the tv station ZPOP to surprise Scooby, who thinks they have forgotten his birthday. When there, Scooby is surprised with "This Is Your Life Scooby Doo", hosted by Mark Winkendale. Special surprise guests include Velma, Fred, and Mrs. Vandereel, whom they helped by solving the mystery of the Red Skull Curse. Before too long the Red Skull comes back and steals the Last Hope Diamond again, but is it really Freddie as everyone seems to believe?moreless