The New Statesman

Season 4 Episode 2


Aired Unknown Nov 29, 1992 on ITV



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    • Piers: Sir Bolloxfen Fletcher Dervish, the first baronet. Do you know the story about how Sir Walter Raleigh put his coat down on a puddle for the queen to walk on?
      Alan: Don't tell me. Sir Bolloxfen was responsible for the puddle?
      Piers: It was the first time he met the queen. So he got rather excited.

    • Alan: There's something deeply unattractive about a woman who bears a grudge.
      Sarah: This isn't a grudge, darling. It's psychopathic revenge lust.

    • Arturo: My organisation is very concerned about the proposed legalisation of cannabis.
      Alan: I see. So you're the moral majority?
      Arturo: No, we're the amoral minority.

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  • Allusions

    • Alan gets a phone call from a member of the Royal Family whom he calls Squidgy. This is an obvious reference to the telephone conversations between Diana, Princess of Wales, and James Gilbey, who called Diana Squidgy. The Sun newspaper published transcripts in 1992, around the time when this episode was made.