The New Statesman

Season 3 Episode 1

Labour of Love

Aired Unknown Jan 06, 1991 on ITV



  • Trivia

    • When Margaret Thatcher was ousted from office Rik Mayall was so pleased that on the day she resigned he danced up and down on the stairs, he fell down them and broke his shoulder. Future episodes of the show had to be rewritten.

  • Quotes

    • Alan: I say that we should demand the return of all the bits of France that used to belong to Henry V.
      Victor Crosby: What? And let the frogs contaminate our English stock? Never! No, we should send in the army to take out those sheep-murdering Frenchies once and for all.
      Piers: I once took out a Frenchie. She wanted to kiss with her mouth open and I wasn't wearing any contraception.

    • Alan: Why did you tell Victor Crosby I've got small penis?
      Sarah: Look, I'm sorry, Alan. I just bumped into him at Fortnum's tearooms, and we got chatting, and conversation lagged and your penis popped up.

    • Mugger: It's wallet time, mother.
      Alan: What? I'm sorry, I'm afraid I don't speak unemployed.

    • Paddy O'Rourke: I'm not even Irish. Our research has shown that Labour only gets into power if it's led by chaps in a regional accent.

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