The New Steve Allen Show

ABC (ended 1961)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • Connie Francis, Frankie Avalon, John Houseman (show taped at UCLA)
      "Campus USA" episode taped at the University of California in Los Angeles.
      --Frankie Avalon - unknown song
      --Connie Francis - "Tweedlee Dee," "Moments to Remember" and "Nobody Richer Than Me"
      --Connie Francis and Steve Allen - medley including "Standing on the Corner," "Pennies from Heaven" and "When I'm in Love" (correct title?)
      --The UCLA a Capella Choir perform “Hallelujah” and “By the Old Pacific.”
      Also appearing: John Houseman, Bill Dana, Jim Nabors, Buck Henry, Tim Conway, Robert Ryan, Arnold Moss, the UCLA Marching Band & Football Team.moreless
    • 1961 Christmas Show (from Steve Allen and Jayne Meadows' home)
      1961 Christmas Show (from Steve Allen and Jane Meadows' Royal Oaks, CA home):
      --Barbara Russell (singer) - "This Could Be the Start of Something"
      --Jayne Meadows (Steve Allen's wife)
      --Steve's four sons Steve Jr., David, Brian and Billy appear.
      Steve Allen Jr. imitates his father in a “Letters to the Editor” skit.
      Series regulars Tim Conway, Joey Forman, Buck Henry, Louis Nye and the Smothers Brothers also appear.
      The entire cast perform a medley of Christmas carols.moreless
    • Show taped at Pacific Ocean Park, Santa Monica, CA
      Show taped at Pacific Ocean Park, Santa Monica, CA.
      --The Smothers Brothers, playing Polynesian singers, perform “Street of Laredo.”
      --Tim Conway is a confused park manager.
      --Buck Henry plays a man who's been lost in the park for over 50 years...since he was a boy.
      --Louis Nye, appears as the Sultan of Kizmir, who's traveling with his harem.
      --Bill Dana plays the terrified star of a high-diving attraction.
      --Joey Forman plays the operator of the park's Hall of Mirrors.moreless
    • Carl Reiner / Marilyn Maye / The Hi-Lo's
      --Marilyn Maye - "But Not for Me"
      --The Hi-Lo's (vocal group) - "You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby"
      --The Smothers Brothers - "The Boatman"
      --Carl Reiner plays Michael Howard, a fashion designer.
      Reiner also appears with Don Penny and Sid Gould in a "Men at the Unemployment Counter" sketch.
      --In "The Critic's Corner," Joey Forman plays a "professional fault-finder."moreless
    • Sophia Loren / Carl Reiner & Mel Brooks / Terry Gibbs Dream Band
      --Sophia Loren is interviewed by Steve Allen. Steve also performs his ballad "Sophia," dedicated to the actress.
      --Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks perform one of their "2000-year-old man" comedy routines.
      --Terry Gibbs Dream Band, a modern jazz group, also appears.
      Comedy sketch:
      Louis Nye applies for a loan.
    • Joanie Sommers (show taped in San Francisco)
      Show taped in San Francisco.
      Joanie Sommers (singer)

      Comedy segments (with series regulars):
      --Series regulars Louis Nye, Buck Henry, Joey Forman and the Smothers Brothers give directions to Steve Allen in a "Man on the Street" sketch.
      --Bill Dana, in character as Jose Jimenez, claims to be a famous underwater explorer.
      --Louis Nye plays a gourmet chef.
      (Other regulars include Tim Conway, Don Penny, Dave Ketchum, and the Les Brown Orchestra.)moreless

    • Marty Ingls / Joey Forman / Tim Conway
      Performers include:
      Marty Ingls (comedian)
      Joey Forman (comedian)
      Tim Conway (comedian)
      The Smothers Brothers (folk singers-comedy duo)
      Comedy sketches include:
      A spoof of "Ben Casey" with Steve Allen as Dr. Ben Dedicated, a surgeon performing an second operation to remove what he left behing during the first operation.
    • Tim Conway / Carol Sloane / the Town Pipers
      --Tim Conway (comedian)
      --Carol Sloane (singer) - “Get Happy" & “Chicago”
      --The Town Pipers (vocal group)
      Also appearing (series regulars):
      --The Smothers Brothers (comedians-folk singers)
      --Bill Dana
      --Louis Nye
      --Pat Harrington Jr.
      --Joey Forman
    • Louis Nye / Charlie Manna / Les McCann / Irene Kral
      --Louis Nye (comedian)
      --Charlie Manna (comedian)
      --Les McCann and his Band
      --Irene Kral (singer)
    • Jack Jones / Jennie Smith / The Characters
      --Jack Jones sings “They Wouldn’t Believe Me”
      --Jennie Smith (singer) - “I Have to Pass Your House”
      --The Characters - Las Vegas lounge act consisting of Johnny Ricco, Carmine "Carmen" Baccari, Freddie "The Champ" Baccari, Charles "Blackie" Hunt and Jack Kent.
    • Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks / Barbara McNair / The Newsboys' Jazz Band
      --Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks (comedians) - Reiner interviews Brooks in a "2000-Year-Old-Man" comedy routine.
      --Barbara McNair sings “Hallelujah, I Just Love That Man”
      --The Newsboys' Jazz Band perform "Cherry Point”
    • The Smothers Brothers / Philly Duke / Ruth and Jane Earl
      The Smothers Brothers (comedians-folk singers)
      Philly Duke (singer)
      Ruth Earl and Jane Earl (dancers, formerly with the Hermes Pan Dancers)
    • Pat Kirby / Frank Gari / Pepper Davis and Tony Reese
      Frank Gari sings "Got a Lot of Living to Do"
      Pat Kirby (singer) - performs a song from “Porgy and Bess”
      Pepper Davis and Tony Reese (comedy duo) - perform a comedy routine
      Series regulars:
      Belle Montrose (Steve Allen's mother, in her first appearance as a regular) - plays Zuchine, the Human Cannonball
      Joey Forman
      Buck Henrymoreless
    • Pete Fountain / Sandy Stewart / Les Brown and his Band
      Premiere Episode:
      --Pete Fountain (clarinetist) - "Blues on Bourbon Street" (backed up by Les Brown and his band).
      --Sandy Stewart's sings "The Boy Next Door."
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