The New Tom & Jerry Show

ABC (ended 1975)


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  • It was okay

    Not as good as the original show, yet you still get a few kicks out of the show as you watch. It just feels like one of those good old school cartoons watched when cartooning was in its prime.
  • They made some good different things. Less fight for the duo though.

    It's not like the T&J used to be, they're more as friends on this one and always goes on adventures. They made some different stuff that can make you laugh, this focuses on other things than T&J fighting, the violent humor is still there, the humor has now a twist in it. Still nice though. Watchable. I like this because it tends to be more unique than the old ones.
  • Many Tom & Jerry enthusiasts take to Hanna-Barbera's 1975 made-for-tv revival of the legendary cat and mouse with great distatse, but I am a diehard devotee of said edition.

    Regardless of how many negative posts, criticisms, rants and insults of it that come out of the woodwork, Hanna-Barbera\'s 1975 version of Tom & Jerry shall always hold dear to me! To each his own...

    I\'ve been a fan of it ever since 1979, when they first aired locally in my hometown, N\'Awlins, every Monday-Friday afternoon @ 3:30 on A.B.C. (now Fox) affilliate W.V.U.E. TV Channel 8, on The Tom & Jerry Hour. It was a mixed bag of T&J cartoons, theatrical (1940 to 1967) and TV (1975 to 1977). This was how I first learned of these made-for-TV T&Js from H-B. The theatricals were great, but I (being a child of the 1970s) somehow grew more attatched to the 1970s version. Sometimes W.V.U.E. aired the main title sequence from The Tom & Jerry Show separately from the 48 7-minute T&J stories, sometimes they aired the end credits.

    I later read in Stuart Fischer\'s book Kids\' TV: The First 25 Years that they originally aired in 1975 on The (New) Tom & Jerry/Grape Ape Show. I remember thinking, \"Ah! So that\'s where they came from!\" This is also how I learned of The New T&J\'s originally pairing with The Great Grape Ape, which I only discovered via repeats on A.B.C. Sunday Mornings! (Yep, I missed out on the original run on A.B.C., and I had just come into it.)

    I decided that the 1970s T&J was my sole favourite, from its first airing on W.V.U.E. to its reairing in the 1980s on W.N.O.L Channel 38 (now a W.B. affilliate) and Superstation W.T.B.S., which, on Tom & Jerry And Friends, showed 7-minute 1975 T&J cartoons framed inbetween main and end title sequences! I also realize that a huge number of serious animation fans have and continue to liken New Tom & Jerry to New Coke, calling it a cheap imitation of the originals, and thus giving them a bad rep over the years. I don\'t think it\'s all the 1975 version of T&J so much; I think a great many \'toon fans have prided themselves on being hooked on the originals and declaring any version out of that scope as inferior.

    Hence my web presence, The New Tom & Jerry Info Site @ , which I launched in March 1997, to show all and sundry that there was someone out there who took interest in them and, to a degree at least, put an end to all the bad press they\'ve been getting. Until January 2004 (so far), Boomerang from Catoon Network has done the 1975 T&J\'s justice by showing them periodically on Boomerang Saturdays (1976, 1977 and 1978). They neglected to show them in April 2004 during the weekly Friday T&J marathons; they seem to be limited to the 1940-67 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer theatricals, Filmation\'s 1980-82 version (The Tom & Jerry Comedy Show) and that 1990-93 Fox revival Tom & Jerry Kids (that grey stripe between Tom\'s eyes was not his best feature, imho!). But CN more than made up for this with the addition of the 1975 T&Js to their rotation in May 2005.

    Like I said, to each his own. Everyone here has his/her favourite version of Tom & Jerry; mine is and shall forever remain H-B\'s \"black sheep\" 1975 made-for-tv version. Just because a Tom & Jerry cartoon, be it old or new, is nonviolent does not mean it cannot be watched and enjoyed. (I mean, check out the sports-themed New T&Js! And Spike! And Hoyt Curtin\'s jazzy underscore!)

    So, if you will, sing along!!!

    Set your dial for a while!
    Have a laugh, wear a smile!
    It\'s The Tom & Jerry Show!
    You\'ll begin with a grin
    When you first tune us in
    On The Tom & Jerry Show!

    Introducing that world-famous cat...Tom!
    And that magnificent mouse...Jerry!

    (instrumental solo)
    Lots of zing, lots to sing!
    Everything\'s gonna swing!
    So, get ready - here we go!
    Big or small, short or tall,
    You will all have a ball
    On The Tom & Jerry Show!
  • Graet animated show about a cat chasing a mouse.

    Tom and Jerry is an awesome classic. It takes a lot out of a very simple plot: a cat that wants to catch a mouse. Very simple! In fact, episodes are very simple, but they are cool.

    The characters are very well animated considering the year of production, the backgrounds leave you with an open mouth. Old cartoons used to have amazing backgrounds, this is one of the best examples.

    The low music and the not-so-usual audio effects are often ignored, but hear this program in "mute"´and you will find it boring...

    A cat that wants to catch a mouse. This plot sounds dumb, but the production makes it very awesome.
  • Tom and Jerry was originally the very first, and earliest of the Hanna-Barbera Cartoons.

    Jerry decides to have a midnight snack. And what better than to have some nice, fresh cheese! He takes some from the fridge, but before he can eat it, Tom chases him for it. After breaking a lot of things, when chasing Jerry, Mammy hears the noise and comes down in a huff. Scared, Tom throws Jerry into the fridge to hide him. A bit later, Mammy finds Jerry in the fridge. She gets really angry, and throws Tom of out of the house. While Mammy is doing that, Jerry grabs the cheese, and finally eats it.
    The review is about my favorite episode.
  • Disappointing for Tom and Jerry fans.

    This isn't very good the 1975 Tom and Jerry show aren't as good as the original, like Tom and Jerry became friends and truce again, I just don't like the way it could be. Why would the creator make an idea for it and he think it's a great idea but he's wrong. I just heard that Popeye the Sailor Man got a son.

    Ok, it's all about the cat and mouse named Tom the cat and Jerry the mouse, they stop chasing and became friends again, they're now trying save people. The plots are poorly made the humor aren't very good. Remember it is a very big disappointment for Tom and Jerry fans.