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  • Many Tom & Jerry enthusiasts take to Hanna-Barbera's 1975 made-for-tv revival of the legendary cat and mouse with great distatse, but I am a diehard devotee of said edition.

    Regardless of how many negative posts, criticisms, rants and insults of it that come out of the woodwork, Hanna-Barbera\'s 1975 version of Tom & Jerry shall always hold dear to me! To each his own...

    I\'ve been a fan of it ever since 1979, when they first aired locally in my hometown, N\'Awlins, every Monday-Friday afternoon @ 3:30 on A.B.C. (now Fox) affilliate W.V.U.E. TV Channel 8, on The Tom & Jerry Hour. It was a mixed bag of T&J cartoons, theatrical (1940 to 1967) and TV (1975 to 1977). This was how I first learned of these made-for-TV T&Js from H-B. The theatricals were great, but I (being a child of the 1970s) somehow grew more attatched to the 1970s version. Sometimes W.V.U.E. aired the main title sequence from The Tom & Jerry Show separately from the 48 7-minute T&J stories, sometimes they aired the end credits.

    I later read in Stuart Fischer\'s book Kids\' TV: The First 25 Years that they originally aired in 1975 on The (New) Tom & Jerry/Grape Ape Show. I remember thinking, \"Ah! So that\'s where they came from!\" This is also how I learned of The New T&J\'s originally pairing with The Great Grape Ape, which I only discovered via repeats on A.B.C. Sunday Mornings! (Yep, I missed out on the original run on A.B.C., and I had just come into it.)

    I decided that the 1970s T&J was my sole favourite, from its first airing on W.V.U.E. to its reairing in the 1980s on W.N.O.L Channel 38 (now a W.B. affilliate) and Superstation W.T.B.S., which, on Tom & Jerry And Friends, showed 7-minute 1975 T&J cartoons framed inbetween main and end title sequences! I also realize that a huge number of serious animation fans have and continue to liken New Tom & Jerry to New Coke, calling it a cheap imitation of the originals, and thus giving them a bad rep over the years. I don\'t think it\'s all the 1975 version of T&J so much; I think a great many \'toon fans have prided themselves on being hooked on the originals and declaring any version out of that scope as inferior.

    Hence my web presence, The New Tom & Jerry Info Site @ , which I launched in March 1997, to show all and sundry that there was someone out there who took interest in them and, to a degree at least, put an end to all the bad press they\'ve been getting. Until January 2004 (so far), Boomerang from Catoon Network has done the 1975 T&J\'s justice by showing them periodically on Boomerang Saturdays (1976, 1977 and 1978). They neglected to show them in April 2004 during the weekly Friday T&J marathons; they seem to be limited to the 1940-67 Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer theatricals, Filmation\'s 1980-82 version (The Tom & Jerry Comedy Show) and that 1990-93 Fox revival Tom & Jerry Kids (that grey stripe between Tom\'s eyes was not his best feature, imho!). But CN more than made up for this with the addition of the 1975 T&Js to their rotation in May 2005.

    Like I said, to each his own. Everyone here has his/her favourite version of Tom & Jerry; mine is and shall forever remain H-B\'s \"black sheep\" 1975 made-for-tv version. Just because a Tom & Jerry cartoon, be it old or new, is nonviolent does not mean it cannot be watched and enjoyed. (I mean, check out the sports-themed New T&Js! And Spike! And Hoyt Curtin\'s jazzy underscore!)

    So, if you will, sing along!!!

    Set your dial for a while!
    Have a laugh, wear a smile!
    It\'s The Tom & Jerry Show!
    You\'ll begin with a grin
    When you first tune us in
    On The Tom & Jerry Show!

    Introducing that world-famous cat...Tom!
    And that magnificent mouse...Jerry!

    (instrumental solo)
    Lots of zing, lots to sing!
    Everything\'s gonna swing!
    So, get ready - here we go!
    Big or small, short or tall,
    You will all have a ball
    On The Tom & Jerry Show!