The New Tomorrow

Sunday 11:00 AM on Channel Five Premiered Sep 17, 2005 Between Seasons



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The New Tomorrow

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The New Tomorrow is a new spin off global hit The Tribe. A mysterious virus has wiped out the adult population. Leaving children to fend for themselves. Tribes of children now roam the lands, living in encampments of tents, crude primitive dwellings and caves. Tribes such as the Ants who live and farm in a snow capped mountainous region and just want to live in peace, unlike the Barbs who control the rivers and forests and are determined to extend their rule. It is the Privileged though, who strive for total dominance as well as perfection of look, style and attitude, even if it means oppressing their slaves - the Discards - who work on their plantations. The New Tomorrow combines action and adventure, mystery and intrigue, humour and pathos with underlining themes of hope and human endeavour where good always triumphs in the end.
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  • A spin-off of \"The Tribe\" how unoriginal.

    I have to say that I do not enjoy watching this program. its just a spin-off of \"The Tribe\"

    While \"The Tribe\" is original and interesting this one is not.

    If this program isn\'t boring enough then I don\'t know what is.

    The fake acting on this show is great! I do give it that much.

    Its just like Saved-by-the-bell.

    Don\'t get me wrong I like Saved-by-the-bell and the fake acting but..\"The new tomorrow\" is just terrible. and usually spin-off\'s of other shows usually don\'t make it. and I hope they take this program off soon.


    for the sake of man kind!moreless
  • A great sci-fi show.

    This is truly a great sci-fi show. I enjoy watching it over and over and over again. I can watch the same episode 2 or 3 times in a row just so I can catch things that I might have missed. I think I have all of the episodes recorded and I watch them whenever there is nothing good on TV. It is always entertaining to me. I will also have my friends and family watch the episodes with me and try and get them hooked. So far everyone has because it is that good of a show. Look for it on the air or come over to my house and watch my DVD's.moreless

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