The New Tomorrow

Season 1 Episode 26

Episode 26

Aired Sunday 11:00 AM Dec 09, 2005 on Channel Five
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Episode Summary

Episode 26
Sunni and his retinue leave early for the Barb camp. At the Ant camp, Flame and Sal clash again. Dan refuses to play with Erin and the Stranger lashes out at Erin when Erin touches one of the stones he’s using to build a stone tower. The Ants and Barbs agree that they can’t trust Sunni or Harmony and decide to post extra guards. Sky and Kwarli report that the baby machine hasn’t moved again. When the argument between Flame and Sal comes up, and Sal refers to the sun making things happen, Kwarli has a flash of inspiration. As the Birds get closer to the Barb camp, Sky and Kwarli put the machine outside and it awakens slightly: the circle on its back seems to respond to the sun. This reminds Sky of the circles in the cave. As Dan returns the machine to the hut, Sky notices that the Stranger’s tower of stones look like the monument he found with Zora. As the Birds arrive at the deserted Barb camp, Harmony, Gwyn and the Privs reach the Ant camp where the Ants and Barbs are busy getting ready. Flame and Harmony spark at each other. Then Harmony announces, “There’s been a change of plan.” Everyone moves off to the Barb camp where Faygar and Zora meet Sunni. Cass presents the welcome gifts (except for a bag held by Erin) and Faygar, Harmony and Zora speculate about what Sunni wants. Meanwhile, Dan follows Sky into the forest, on his way to the Forbidden Zone. The Stranger’s stones make a shadow and the machines roar in the distance. The guard checks the hut where the baby machine’s kept and sees it’s gone. Then, suddenly, the Stranger’s gone, too. Sky and Dan come across the machines. Sunni questions the tribal leaders and Harmony and Zora challenge him. Zora and Harmony try to find out what Lord Atil wants and might do. Then they hear the machines and Sunni becomes uneasy. When Flame claims that he controls the machines, Erin says Flame’s just pretending. Sunni wants to know who really controls them. The Stranger catches up with Sky and Dan. As Sky and Dan watch, a machine approaches the monument. It stops. A circle on its back reflects the light, blindingly, as another machine arrives with a roar. Sky and Dan approach the stationary machine and it comes to life again. The Stranger destroys its power source, saving Sky and Dan. Meanwhile, Sunni continues with his questions about the machines. Then the baby machine moves and comes out of Erin’s sack. The Birds take off! That night, the Ants and Barbs celebrate with a feast, and are joined by Harmony and the Privs. “We should work together more often,” says Harmony. It was the greatest fun I’ve had for years.” When Kwarli explains that the machines seem programmed to go to the monument to get power from the sun, everyone’s astonished when the Stranger speaks for the first time, saying “Only the prototypes”. When Harmony gives up her ambitions to spend time with friends, Flame becomes Priv leader again and plans to set the Discards free. As they walk home in the morning, Sunni and his party approach them, menacingly. The Barbs prepare to return to camp, Erin with the machine, after agreeing with the Ants that they’ll all continue to work together. Sky decides to stick around. As the Stranger continues to stare at the machine, Sal goes to collect the eggs. Then they hear a scream…Sunni and his warriors are back..moreless

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