The New Treasure Hunt

(ended 1977)


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The New Treasure Hunt

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Ladies and gentlemen, The New Treasure Hunt always opened with a tense heartbeat and the silhouette of a bonded security agent who had just placed a check for $25,000 in one of thirty surprise packages. In each episode, someone stood a chance to win any one of the show's fabulous prizes, or that grand prize of $25,000. Nothing about the show was as tense as that tease. On the contrary, when Chuck Barris bought the Treasure Hunt rights from Jan Murray (the original host & creator of the 1950s game show), he eliminated the quiz segment and male contestants! This game show was for female contestants only! Host Geoff Edwards would go into the audience where ten lucky women had small boxes. When they opened the boxes, three lucky ladies got to come on stage to choose a surprise jack-in-the-box. The woman who got the jack-in-the-box got to go on a Treasure Hunt. The lady got to pick one of 30 boxes which contained fabulous prizes, checks from $5,000-$14,000, the grand prize check for $25,000 or a dreaded KLUNK! After choosing the box (and commercial break), Geoff presented her with a cash option ($500-$2,500). She could either take the money or go for the box. Either way, Geoff would look in the box and start a skit having her to believe that she'll end up winning a KLUNK when she really won (or passed up) a prize. Or the other way around, having her believe she'll win a big prize, but end up (or passed up) with a KLUNK! But if it was the check, Geoff would have a lenghty conversation with her and at the right moment, informs her that she had won, or passed up, the grand prize. If she accepted, Geoff would not beat about the bush too much. He'd just tell the contestant that she had won (screams at the top of his lungs) $25,000! Sirens would sound along with the dropping of confetti and balloons! And of course, the technical staff would flash a superimposed caption reading "$25,000.00" (which, in the first two years of the run, was very large in itself). There was an episode that had two $25,000 wins! A memorable $25,000 winner is Ruth Davis, who strutted & paraded all over the stage, showing her winnings! They showed that episode as part of GSN's Top 50 Game Shows (#49). Two games were played per episode & if no one found the check, bonded security agent Emile Autori would confirm, "Yes I did" hide the check and would show where the check was hidden. Another memorable contestant named Vera Augenbach, thought she was going to be KLUNKED, but ended up winning a 1937 Vintage Rolls Royce! When she learned about it, she fainted down the floor! But she had to sell it to pay taxes. Her story was featured on 60 Minutes when they did a story on game shows, back in 1975. also has a separate page for the 1981-82 version of this game show, simply titled Treasure Hunt. In the 81-82 version, there was a returning champion that faced a challenger from the audience. There were now 66 boxes & the grand prize jackpot started at $20,000 and grew $1,000 per day not won until it reached $50,000 which stayed at that amount until won. Rose from Jamiaca didn't "Jamaica Mistake" when choosing box #8 that had the $50,000 check! (This episode was played at 11:30 P.M. April 14, 2001 on GSN.)moreless