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PBS (ended 2009)


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  • Why can't this guy live next door to me!

    For the past 18 years now Norm Abram has been teaching us aspiring carpenters what we always suspected: “Power Tools are Great”, and “I can build anything out of Wood!”.

    That first statement is a given, there is just nothing like the ability to rip a big piece of plywood in seconds, or cutting a dado. As Norm says, “there is no more important safety rule than to wear these safety glasses,” which translated means “Put on something to protect your eyes, and go crazy with the power!!”

    The second is something my wife (and neighbors now too) has been teasing me about for years. If something breaks, or you need a thing to do a something rather, sure enough I’ll steps up and say “I’ve got a good piece of pine in the garage that’ll fix that right up!” And to paraphrase an old anti-drug commercial from my youth, “I learned it from watching you, Norm!”

    Why does Norm inspire us so? Is the endless supply of flannel shirts? No, it’s that he makes you feel like this stuff is easy, and spends that little bit of extra time to explain it the right way. The man is an incredible teacher, and someone, although I’ve never met, I feel like is one of my close friends.

    So, please don’t judge this show on it’s humor or suspense… it’s all about the power tools!!!