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  • Season 3
    • Boo-Boo and the Man
    • A Day in the Life or Ranger Smith/ Boo-Boo Runs Wild
    • Yogi & the Invasion of the Space Bears
    • Yogi the Easter Bear
    • Trouble occurs when soldiers on maneuvers in the park camouflage themselves in bear suits--but forget to notify Ranger Smith of the exercises! / Snagglepuss talks his way into a cushy job at the King’s palace. His task is to rid the royal premises of Bigelow, the pesky mouse. But Bigelow is not about to give up a good thing, what with all that cheese in the royal larder. Snagglepuss tries to distract the king from his poor performance by telling him a joke. The king appoints Snagglepuss to be court jester and Bigelow, disgusted at the low state of court jesting, leaves voluntarily. / Fortified by a correspondence course in the art of judo, little Yakky challenges his worst enemy Fibber Fox to a test of strength, much to Chopper’s dismay. Chopper steps in and manages to save Yakky by pretending to be tossed around by the little duck. The fox is impressed, and so are all his relatives. They decide to leave Yakky Duck strictly alone from now on.moreless
    • Yogi and Boo Boo protest when they are selected to be sent to the Cincinnati Zoo. / Poor Major Minor is disgraced and kicked out of the Adventurer’s Club because he has never captured Snagglepuss. The Major decides to use Snag’s passion for acting against him, and he mounts a road show, which fools the mountain lion. Successful at last, the Major drives his captive directly to the Adventurer’s Club stage, but Snagglepuss outwits him when he asks permission to do a farewell performance. / Innocent little Yakky Duck insists on making friends with a man he encounters in the desert. Yakky is not deterred by the fact the man is a vile, mean, ornery, no-good, bank robber. He is sitting on the man's gun holster when the robber wants to shoot his gun. The little duck fouls up one robbery attempt after another. When the desperado is jailed, Yakky is outside his window, waiting until his 99 years sentence is up.moreless
    • A visitor to Jellystone Park shows Ranger Smith his new invention for trapping thieving bears. / Railroad builders, preparing to tunnel through the mountain where Snagglepuss resides, encounter so much trouble from the firmly entrenched lion that they ask big game hunter Major Minor for assistance. All the Major's tricks fail. Attempting to play on Snagglepuss’ vanity, the Major promises him a lion act that will tour the world, but the savvy Snagglepuss still denies the railroaders access to his mountain. / Yakky and Chopper discover it is not a ghost haunting the deserted old house, but the Wolf in disguise. The wily Wolf is trying to frighten Chopper away from the house so he can make a meal of Yakky. At first, Chopper falls for the ghostly stuff, but practical little Yakky sets him straight.moreless
    • A Hollywood director uses Jellystone Park as a locale for a Western movie. / Snagglepuss adds a room to his house, hoping the rent he receives will finance a vacation trip to the South Seas. Lovely Lila, a Southern belle, becomes his new tenant. In no time, Snagglepuss finds himself moved into the spare room and Lila has the run of the house. When she demands new drapes, new decorating, and not one but two swimming pools, Snagglepuss rebels. He ends up paddling his way to the South Seas. / The old witch' s birthday stew has all necessary ingredients -- minced bat whiskers, aardvark eggs, leopard's footprints -- but lacks one small talking duck. Yakky Duck is whisked away to her house via broom by the evil old hag. Chopper the bulldog comes to the rescue, stealing the broom and saving the day.moreless
    • Enthralled by the TV show "Bat Guy," Yogi Bear orders a "Bat Guy" costume--and learns to fly! / The Major boasts to the Adventurer’s Club that he finally has a secret weapon to catch the elusive Snagglepuss. The weapon is Snuffles, a canine who will run any risk, brave any terrors, for a dog biscuit. But the Major's parsimony is his undoing. He gives Snuffles only half a dog biscuit. The wily Snagglepuss quickly allies himself with Snuffles, and the Major learns too late he should have given Snuffles more. / Fibber Fox devises a new plan to get Chopper out of the way so he can make a meal out of poor little Yakky Duck. He steals Chopper's dog tags and then leads him into the arms of the dogcatcher. With Yakky Duck's faithful guardian gone, Fibber prepares for a duck dinner. When Chopper escapes from the dog pound, the news reaches Fibber via radio and Fibber becomes panicky.moreless
    • Forced out of the picnic area, hungry Yogi tries an unusual ploy to steal honey from bees. / Bashful, fumbling Duke de Geese employs the romantic poet Cyrano de Snagglepuss to write poems and recite them under the balcony of Lady Lavendish. Snagglepuss succeeds far beyond his dreams --the lady on the balcony succumbs to his versification and leaps off into the arms of the Duke. However, the lady was not the slim, willowy Lady Lavendish, but the 200-pound Lady Clarissa who took the leap. / Pitiful Yakky Duck can't move in with Chopper for the winter because Chopper's master is against it. So Yakky and Chopper try to pass Yakky off as a baby chick to secure him a place in the warm hen house, but the hen is not deceived. A mother skunk and mother rabbit both prove unsatisfactory.moreless
    • Discovering that his cave leaks, Yogi goes to sleep in a tourist's trailer--and awakens in the city! / The circuit judge lion delegates the job of trying the notorious bank bandit, Fowler Means, to Snagglepuss. Snag holds court in Loophole Mesa, a frontier town. After the prosecutor comes down with a case of “lead poisoning” -- from the bandit’s bullet -- Snagglepuss has to take over his job. As more and more witnesses fail to appear in court, Snag takes their places on the stand. Eventually he ends up playing all the roles in the courtroom when Fowler Means himself is missing. / Yakky Duck, despite his small size, is just what Fibber Fox would like for supper. Al Alligator has the same notion at the same time, and before long they have Yakky at bay. With the prize within their grasp, they begin to quarrel over the spoils and Yakky again eludes them.moreless
    • When Bruno Bear woos Cindy, Yogi becomes jealous. / Snagglepuss rescues Lila, a lovely young miss in distress, who he then envisions as a suitable Mrs. Snagglepuss. This was actually Lila’s plan all along and in no time at all, she is ensconced in Snag’s domain. But all is not sweetness and light. The house is “all wrong,” she demands fresh berries despite the presence of hunters near the berry patch and Snag is put to work housecleaning. / Ali Gator, the stealthy, duck-hunting denizen of the Southern swamps, is equipped with a duck call, and little Yakky Duck falls for the plaintive sound. As Ali readies Yakky for the frying pan, Yakky eludes him and takes to the sky. Ali goes after him with a cannon with rockets, and nearly dislodges Yakky from a tree where he has taken refuge. But Ali Gator finally has to buy a hot dog in place of the free duck dinner he had planned.moreless
    • Yogi's annoyed by the park's latest attraction--a children's train that runs right outside his cave! / Snagglepuss sees a picture of himself on a poster offering $50 reward for his capture, plus an insulting paragraph implying Snag in not very intelligent. The description seem to fit. Snag mistakes an army camp for a boy scout gathering; he puts on some clothes and discovers that he is only a lowly private; he gets in the way at target practice. All in all, he has a pretty bad day. / Chopper and Yakky are the subjects of a brain switching experiment by Professor Mad Scientist. Fibber Fox believes he’s having hallucinations when the baby duck starts to act like a bulldog and Chopper becomes timid and withdrawn.moreless
    • Yogi's excited--a new rocket is about to be launched from the nature preserve! / Snagglepuss, a stowaway on a voyage to England, is tossed overboard by the irate skipper. He manages to get ashore on a bleak coast. But the castle in which he seeks wealth and shelter is haunted. The ghosts, Harem and Scarem, decide they haven't had this much fun in 900 years, as they make Snag’s life miserable. / Chopper and Yakky are having a great day at the beach when Fibber Fox appears. Fibber's fishhook punctures Yakky's inflated toy. Chopper pounces on Fibber after Yakky nearly drowns. But Fibber keeps on trying, using a big beach ball, a shark's fin and other tricks to capture his quarry.moreless
    • Ranger Smith's vacation at a swank beach resort is ruined by the appearance of Yogi and Boo Boo. / Yakky, the duck, watches the game warden nail up a sign announcing the opening of the duck hunting season. When he begins to be peppered by shot, he hides in Snagglepuss? mailbox. Snagglepuss is delighted to find the duck, and prepares to put him in the stew pot. But the lion?s soft heart overcomes him and he spends the afternoon teaching Yakky how to escape gunfire. Then the warden comes along with a new sign -- it says the mountain lion season is now open. / Yakky Doodle demonstrates some of his most startling feats of flying for his friend Chopper the bulldog. Inspired, the dog wants to emulate his little friend.moreless
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