The New Zoo Revue

(ended 1975)


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Episode Guide

    • Ocean
      Season 1 - Episode 3
    • Manners
      Season 1 - Episode 2
    • Understanding
      Season 1 - Episode 4
    • Deisgn
      Season 0 - Episode 5
    • Time
      Season 0 - Episode 1
      The show begins with Freddy the Frog having left his chores until the last minute. His procrastination leads to the other characters ending up soiled by leaves. Charlie's newly invented clock attempts to teach Freddy to tell time, but Freddy's "stupidity" causes the clock to break.
    • Friendship
      Season 1 - Episode 5
    • Fairness
      Season 0 - Episode 2
      Henreitta bakes a pie for a competition. Charlie stops by and she lets him eat the "fixins." Freddie then stops in because he smells food cooking. He gets upset when Henreitta wont let him eat any pie and complains to Doug and Emmy Jo, who take his side, unaware of the situation. Henreitta takes a call from a relative where we find out that she is about to take a nap. The next we see her she is accusing Freddie of eating the pie. The "men" side with Freddie in this argument and Emmy Jo sides with Henreitta as a matter of female solidarity. A trial ensues where Doug presides. The crafty Owl is able to show Henreitta that she ate the pie herself during her sleep.moreless
    • Loyalty
      Season 0 - Episode 3
      Freddie does not want to help prepare a party for his friend Finious Frong (never seen)...
    • Shyness
      Season 0 - Episode 4
    • Brain
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      Scene 1 Freddie returns from a jog in the morning to which "gets the blood moving." He meets Charlie who is "thinking." He gets Freddie briefly into the meta-cognitive mood. Freddie feels ashamed of his lack of higher order thinking, while Charlie dishes out intelligences insults that go over and into Freddie's head. Charlie devises a plan to make Freddie smarter. Scene 2 Freddie wakes up Doug at 6 am "because it's the best time to activate your brain." He tells Doug that he needs some wood to build a box to grow a brain in. Scene 3 Freddie's clumsiness sets off a very characteristic New Zoo special effect. Freddie then trades Charlie the wood for some more insults. Charlie gives Freddie a plan to turn the wood into a box. Freddie seems primed for more destruction, Charlie breaks into song "Use Your Brain." Charlie threatens to end all communication with Freddie if he can't use his head and follow instructions. Scene 4 Freddie goes to visit Henrietta, and asks her how she gets her brain to wake up. Henrietta tries to administer a food cure for Freddie's feelings of idiocy. Freddie, though, isn't having it because he's depressed. Freddie picks up on Charlie's motif and wonders if Henrietta ever uses her brain to think about anything besides food. Her food talk makes Freddie want to vomit, and he runs off. Scene 5 Freddie takes his brain story to Doug and Emmy Jo, who admit that they don't always understand Charlie either. Emmy Jo has Freddie touch the thorns on a flower in order to prove to Freddie that his brain, nerves, etc. are always working. Doug then puts the same flower under Freddie's nose and in Freddie's mouth to demonstrate his other senses. Emmy Jo convinces Freddie to give her the flower because she's pretty, which therefore "proves" that he's thoughtful. This pun on the idea of thinking leads the pair to reinforce the idea of compassion as valuable. Now that he thinks that he's smart, Freddie can't wait to be a "Walking, Talking, Brain, cue the second song " Scene 6 Freddie causes another explosion in Charlie's lab, and he shows Charlie his poor excuse for a box. The tree house shakes. Emily goes to help out the boys, as they need "A woman's touch." Emmy Jo tells Charlie that if he were really wise he would encourage Freddie, not be impatient. She sings the song "Sometimes Think With Your Heart." Scene 7 Charlie apologizes to Freddie for blowing his top, and gives Freddie a flower.moreless