The New Zoo Revue

(ended 1975)


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  • This show was so bad it was great!

    I loved this show as a kid, it was the typical weird trippy show spawned by the purple hazw called the 70's. Man what were out parents smokin back then?

    Doug was the nerdy lead character a sort of tour guide. He was an easy going Sony Bono-esque IT nerd looking guy with a decent voice and a mild almost tranquilized demeanor. His wife on the other hand was the gorgeous and tone deaf babe, that couldn't hit the right note if her life depended on it! But she was sweet, silly and likeable enough.

    The sketches were always cute and entertaining, as were the sub-animal characters in bad foam costumes. The only character that bothered me was Henrietta Hippo! She reminded me of a severly obese man-hating, empowered Aunt of mine. I believe her character and persona were completely ripped off by Jim Henson when he created Ms Piggy, but thats only my opinion and I wouldn't testify to this in court.

    I do hope these shows are released on DVD, I would definitely show them to my kids, as I have Scooby Doo and Schoolhouse Rock, two other greats from a long gone hippy era (Thank God).

    The New Zoo Review is a timeless classic. I am formally challending Doug and his ding-bat wife to make a comeback special, but somehow I doubt that marriage didn't make it. All us 30 somethings would tune in, this I guarantee or your money back!