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So I don't know if you noticed but The Newsroom really decided to change up their credits this year, I mean they're REALLY different. They must have copped a lot of flack over the original ones to make this kind of adjustment. Clearly they decided the original ones looked old-fashioned because the new ones are oh-so sleek with subtle sleights of hand.

I think most people had gripes on some level with the original credits, particularly all the old news footage that was used. Personally I liked that stuff and how it established a narrative and tone of aspiring to the tradition established by the greats. It was the other half I didn't like, the characters rushing around, captured in 'acting' moments. I'm getting to the point where I'm sensitised to photo rollcall credits and they have to be done very well with subtlety or I hate them. This didn't do it for me. So overall I think the whole sequence could have used a polish and the second half badly needed revamping. I thought the music was terrific, though.

So what about these new credits. Well as I said they're sleek and very professionally done but I think they're also a bit generic. There isn't the narrative drive or the strong distinctive style here like the original version. Gone also is any tie in to the show's idealistic saving the world theme. Plus I'm not a fan of how they pared back the music, one of the strengths of the original.

So after all that I'm struggling to decide which I like better. The original had highs and lows, which actually mirrors the show itself. Sorkin is sorta swinging for the fences here , sometimes failing, sometimes succeeding wonderfully, so it was appropriate that the original credits functioned similarly. However revisiting them here I found they weren't quite as good as I remembered. This has to be balanced against the sleek, intimate, yet slightly generic replacements.

It's tough but I think my vote goes to the original credits because they're more Sorkinesque.

What do you think?

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