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Aaron Sorkin built his reputation on the pages of his screenplays and famously a bit conceited, so it's no surprise that the first teaser for the third and final season of HBO's The Newsroom, which Sorkin created and executive produces, focuses on words on a page. I'll refrain from describing the specifics because you should just watch the video on your own:

The 40-second clip features a photocopier printing out the pages of what we should assume are scripts from the series' final season, with Jeff Daniel's Will McAvoy instructed to say things like, "How do you think they're gonna get the whistleblower?" and the bombshell, "Well... I think it's time for me to quit." followed by "FADE TO BLACK." OOOOH! How intriguing.

Is this an ad for a TV show or Xerox? What a waste of paper.

The third and final season of The Newsroom will air this November on HBO.

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Season 3 : Episode 6

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