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One of the most interesting things about The Newsroom is its coverage of recent news history. (Other interesting things include how a show can go from focusing on producing disciplined news to name-calling ("American Taliban" WTF) in 10 episodes, but that's another story.) I haven't read anything about the new season (and maybe I should have) so I'll have to speculate about what's coming up.

Season 1 covered April 2010 to August 2011 - a long time for a short season, and presumably a longer time than Season 2 will be. So I guess at the very least we know it will cover sometime between August 2011 and maybe March 2013? But one of the biggest factors on when the season occurs will be whether Season 2 kicks off right where Season 1 ended or whether there'll be a time jump. I guess the timing of big news will also come into play as Mr Sorkin will no doubt time the dramatic events on the show to resonate with the biggest news stories as well. So what stories might they cover in Season 2 ? (luckily I can use Wikipedia to cover for my poor memory)

  • September 2011: Occupy Wall Street - Hard for Sorkin to resist but if he uses it it will mean there can't be much of a break between seasons.
  • October 2011: Death of Gaddafi and effective end of Arab Spring in Libya.
  • December 2011: US withdraws from the Iraq War.
  • February 2012: Queen Elizabeth's diamond jubilee - not sure about this one.
  • February 2012: Greek debt crisis.
  • April 2012: North Korea missile launch thingy.
  • July 2012: Discovery of Higgs-Boson particle - is this sexy enough for the show?
  • July 2012: London Olympics - this one seems pretty likely.
  • September 2012: Deaths in US Embassy in Libya - this one even more likely.
  • October 2012: Hurricane Sandy
  • 2012 Republican Primaries & Presidential Campaign - that's a nobrainer, right?
  • December 2012: Sandy Hook shooting and ensuring gun control discussions.
  • Early 2013: Fiscal Cliff and Sequester

So there's a lot of stuff there and no doubt I've missed some. If I were to guess I'd say that the presidential re-election would be a good place to end the season. Since with the primaries it covered most of 2012 it would be pretty unsatisfying to end the season without getting through it. What do you guys think?

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