The Newsroom

Season 2 Episode 9

Election Night, Part II

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 15, 2013 on HBO
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As Election 2012 coverage is put to bed, Reese must make a decision that affects Charlie, Will and all the senior staff of News Night, Don looks at his legal alternatives with Rebecca, and Will and Charlie have simultaneous epiphanies. Elsewhere, Neal asks Hallie's assistance finding a gift for Mac, Jim tries to make amends in his personal life and urges Maggie to do the same, and Sloan finds out who purchased her book.


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  • Soured.

    Overall the show is not good; not even kind of good anymore, the quality has faded very rapidly -it feels like this is a season 9 or something.

    The romances are getting increasingly more soap opera-esque and I have low tolerance for it.

    They clearly have had their characters paired up since season 1 -Will and Mac, Sloan and Don, Jim and Maggie.

    The truly worst part is that they have done a terrible job at hiding it all along so even when they were trying to do the whole 'will they, wont they' BS -anyone with an iota of mass between their ears recognized their BS.

    And WTF going on with Will and Mac? Will went through that arc where he supposedly understood that he wasn't feeling rejected by Mac but betrayed -just like how he felt when his father beat him.

    That was meant to be serious character development but now in a couple of seconds -he has an epiphany and suddenly all those feelings of betrayal and justified anger just disappears and he asks her to marry him. . .WTF?

    Also playing shitty music louder doesn't make shitty writing less shitty.moreless
  • Sorkin and company deliver

    First of all, season one was way much better. However I loved the story arc of season 2 being balanced on the Genova incident and the way everything went through and around it. Unlike some series that drag on and on, they did justice to Will and Mac's romance much to the relief of the audience.

    Like the other comments here, I am glad Maggie has been pushed to the back. I, for one just find her and her character irritating. Jim's new squeeze is way more hot and talented. Well done on that.

    Hope Season 3 allows more of the team members to play pivotal roles that just being background props. Don and Sloane nailed it while the friction between Neil and Mac should be explored some dubious reasons, she hates him and lets him know of it chance she gets !

    Charlie rocks as do too the mother and son duo as the owners. Interested to see the direction they are take for season 3. Keep up the good work Sorkin and company.moreless
  • An intelligent and quick fire drama finished on a high!

    Best drama show on TV, shame season 2 was shortened to only 9 episodes, could do with expanding to more! Only flaw in season 2 was the sudden & complete loss of the chemistry between Jim & Maggie? couldn't come to terms with this it was an odd piece of writing to suddenly switch Jims interest for Maggie completely off from the start of s2 when she breaks from don, just what he had been hoping for in most of s1??? Likewise her loss of interest in him also was strange, it appeared as if her character was changed just so the storyline of her experience in Africa could be accounted for??? Apart from this the Characters of Will, MacKenzie & Charlie were outstanding in all areas of drama & professionalism with a fair slice of humour thrown in. While the characters of Neal, Don & Sloan all provided for equally impressive performances along with the cameo from Jane Fonda & her slimy son Reese!!!

    Can't wait for season 3!moreless
  • such a boring drama

    At first i felt very excited by this show as I have been waiting for a new show to be as interesting as the West Wing.

    But as it keeps running, my attraction for Newsroom is fading...

    the whole thing about Maggie's hair, that has lasted for almost 6-7 episodes now, is very boring. She really looks ***ed and her character is definitely killing the show
Lauren Tom

Lauren Tom

Kathy Ling

Guest Star

Salli Richardson-Whitfield

Salli Richardson-Whitfield

Jane Barrow

Guest Star

Amy Holland

Amy Holland


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Marcia Gay Harden

Marcia Gay Harden

Rebecca Halliday

Recurring Role

Chris Messina

Chris Messina

Reese Lansing

Recurring Role

David Harbour

David Harbour

Elliot Hirsch

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    • Music:
      "Let My Love Open the Door" by Luminate (closing scenes through end credits)

    • The first and last episode of this season both close with songs penned by Pete Townshend. The first episode, "First Thing We Do, Let's Kill All the Lawyers", closes with "You Better You Bet" written by Pete Townshend and performed by The Who. This episode, the season's finale, closes with a cover of Pete Townshend's "Let My Love Open the Door".

    • Crew Additions and Clarifications: Emily Bruza (Art Productions Assistant), Marty Grimes (Additional Assistant Prop Master), Hunter Cain (Lead Man), John Pollard (On-Set Dresser), Alex Pletcher (Set Dressing PA)
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    • Original International Airdates:
      Finland: May 14, 2014 on YLE TV1