The Newsroom

HBO (ended 2014)




Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • 12/14/14

      In the series finale, a shocking death prompts Will and Mac to reminisce about the newsroom's past and ponder ACN's uncertain future. Meanwhile, Maggie gets an interview for a field producer in Washington, D.C.; Leona offers advice to Pruit; and Neal's digital site it shut down for repairs.

    • Oh Shenandoah
      Episode 5

      Will's jailed for contempt, but still won't give up the name of Neal's government source; Charlie goes along with Pruit's order to cater to younger viewers by sending Don to investigate a sexual-abuse case at an elite college; Sloan objects to a new digital site; Jim and Maggie are stranded in a Russian airport, but try to book seats on a plane bound for Cuba so they can interview a noteworthy passenger.

    • Contempt
      Episode 4

      Will refuses to reveal the source of stolen government documents even though he could go to jail for contempt. Meanwhile, Sloan and Mac search for a last-minute buyer for ACN when Charlie's had it with Lucas; and Hallie's new job puts a strain on her relationship with Jim.

    • Main Justice
      Episode 3

      Will is in for a surprise at the White House Correspondents' Dinner; Leona and Reese scramble to raise money to halt Blair and Randy's takeover; Charlie shares ideas with an ACN suitor; Maggie's scoop on the EPA gets air time on "News Night"; Sloan and Don try to keep their romance a secret from a new HR executive.

    • Run
      Episode 2

      Rebecca defends ACN again as another lawsuit looms; Neal could be in trouble after a dangerous leak; Charlie and Leona confront a hostile takeover attempt by Reese's half-siblings; Sloan worries that Don has crossed an ethical line; Hallie regrets a late-night tweet; Maggie weighs the pros and cons of eavesdropping.

    • Boston
      Episode 1

      In the 3rd-season opener, it is April 2013, and the aftermath of the Genoa disaster means the News Night team treats a breaking story cautiously – a strategy that could benefit the show in the long run, or ruin the trust of their remaining viewers. Meanwhile, an anonymous source contacts Neal about stolen government documents that may be related to overseas riots, Sloan looks into a possible takeover, and Maggie subs for Elliot following the Boston Marathon bombings.

  • Season 2
  • Season 1