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Timeline issue with Maggie's Hair (Possible Spoilers)

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    [1]Aug 28, 2013
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    So I have an issue with the timeline for Maggie's breakdown. She returns from Africa in the early stages of Genoa Investigation and we see the one scene where she cuts her hair. The only time we see Maggie's short haircut is in the lawyer's interview stage (which takes place after Genoa aired). The other points where see her in between (like the red team meetings as well as when genoa is exposed as false) she has long blonde hair. She cut it and was messed up after Africa, she didn't wait till Genoa aired and was discovered false before chopping her hair off. Just something I thought was interesting/confusing.

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    [2]Sep 15, 2013
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    I thought it too, but then I realized I didn't care either way. Kinda feels like a non issue.
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