The Newsroom

Season 2 Episode 7

Red Team III

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 25, 2013 on HBO

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  • I enjoyed this episode. . .until the accountability or rather the complete lack of it.

    lol -the women who launched a negative publicity campaign against one of her own anchors and had to be blackmailed to stop -suddenly decides that she is willing to sacrifice the entire station to "do the honorable thing" which in this case means standing with a bunch of fools who produced and broadcasted anti American propaganda.

    Since they have decided that no significant (and realistic) consequences will be dealt out, they will probably rehash the 'challenges' of the past -bad ratings and being accused of being anti American. . . I'm sure it will be riveting. . .
  • "Good writers borrow from other writers. Great writers steal from them

    Did anyone picked up the resemblance at the episode 'The Christmas show from the late 'Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip'?

    I wish I could have more time to expand on this but it wraps up in the same style.

    Either way it is fantastic writing.
  • Good episode, great final scene

    I've really liked this season of Newsroom, which fixed what to me was the fundamental flaw of the first season; it claimed to be about a news show, but was actually about an opinion show. In one of those rare moments when a show changes course exactly as I want it to (even though I'm the only person I've ever read complaining about this particular issue), this season has been all about the messy process of getting the news, and particularly about how one big story went horribly wrong.

    The entire season has been prelude to a disaster, and even thought we knew what the disaster would be, the way this episode showed the story unravel thread by thread was fascinating, even though one particular thread was melodramatic and highly unlikely, and the story contained the sort of smoking gun that the real story that inspired it, Operation Tailwind, did not, making for something less complex than real life. But dramatically it all worked great.

    But what made me feel the need to write a review of this particular episode was the last five minutes, where Jane Fonda comes in and gives a funny, breezy, passionate performance that makes me really want her to become more than an occasional guest star on this show. Go Jane!
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