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  • More NEWS and less SOAP please Mr Sorkin!

    I watched the show, but I confess myself disappointed.

    Not for any of the polemical reasons that critics usually dislike Sorkin's work (Studio 60 for example!)

    I wanted to see more about the news gathering- the shaping of a story. The closest the show got to my expectations was the episode where Don deconstructed Nancy Grace's Casey Anthony coverage- masterful skewering! Why not more of that?

    Otherwise I didnt learn anything new about the news industry. Nothing came as a surprise. It was like the news was just a backdrop for played out soapy froth.

    Maggie, Jim, Don= Yawn

    Will and McKenzie= Yawn.

    Thwarted love has been so many times and done SO much better. These plotlines lacked any care.

    Why not feature other news shows on the network?

    Competition, in-fighting, egos clashing? Networks having to handle their prize fighting on-screen talent.

    A Glen Beck, a Sean Hannity, a colossal Bill O'Reilly ego? Where were they?

    Why was Dull Will the only anchor featured?

    The impact of partisan rent-an-opinion pundits- where was that story?

    Party PRs trying to get their point of view on screen.

    There MUST be editorial meetings between RNC/ DNC and TV news execs- where was that?

    Party PRs scrambling to finesse stories, downplaying disasters and scandals- where was that?

    Essentially Sorkin gave us an expensive soap. Next season hopefully we'll see something new about the news.
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