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  • Sorkin was smug

    I miss this show about condescending white people very much! If you understand the genre right (soap for intellectuals) this show is incredibly entertaining. The writing is so snappy that even the nurses and bodyguards have a clever comeback to everything that's being said. I want more of this fictional world where everybody is smug! *drinks through straw*
  • Very clever and very biased

    All liberals are good and all republicans are bad.

    That's the story. Why so many episodes to tell just the same thing over and over again?

    Not that clever after all.
  • Sorkin, the one and only

    Sorkin has done it again.

    SHown he is the godfather of Television shows. I have yet to see a series written by this genius, that was not witty, interesting and incredibly intelligent.

    And yet, once again, the morons at the top cannot recognize this fact, and axe another of his shows.

    Ever since WEst Wing, Sorkin has been a god among men in my eyes.


    And they shut it down. Do they think the US populace cannot fathom intelligent series?

  • clever show

    this is an amazing show i don't know why they stopped it!
  • Great show with missing explanations.

    First of all, it's hard to believe it ended so quickly. They could have done more through the brilliant concept they had. However, the show needs some explanation, in my opinion.

    1) What happened about Genova case? Although they retracted the story, there's something hasn't been revealed which is conclusion of the lawsuit that filed by Terry Dantana? Who've won the lawsuit?

    2) At premiere of season 3, when Will gets notified about Boston bombing, he makes mysterious calls. Not once, twice. Who was that and what's the connection to all story?
  • Goodnight, Newsroom, and Good Luck

    The Newsroom was a very brave effort to get Americans to see that they have chosen a fake balance in the media over facts and, yes, truth. Sorkin did a masterful job in taking a network newsroom and using it as a means to dramatize the degree to which we have allowed mass marketing, jingoism, fear, propaganda and money to create an illusion of reality while the ugly facts of America are carefully kept out of the public eye. The acting was outstanding and the characterizations were pure Sorkin in the sense that we could look at all these people and recognize real human beings, not two dimensional action figures.

    Sadly, all of this came too late. Too many Americans regard any television show that requires them to think as being overbearing or preachy. If the recently released report on American torture can be ignored, and it is being ignored, then we've proved that Americans have become willing participants in the giant ostrich dive that has become public discourse. We now require loud laugh tracks, zombies and action heroes whose sound can transmit through the sand we've buried our heads in. The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave has become the Land of the Frightened and the Home of the Terminally Uninformed.

    Happily, great ideas are not dependent on ratings or the knee jerk critiques of right wing malcontents. Regardless of its brief lifetime, The Newsroom burned brightly and it reached many open minds. As a television show, it's just over. As an idea it will go down in history as one of the last and greatest attempts to both entertain and actually inform the American viewer.
  • It gives me hope.

    A news room is a place of people that work hard to at least try to give us as mush of the truth as they can get it and place it in front of us as a prospective for us to see, know, for us to grasp at some truths to be known. Its Integrity is for us to see right in front of the TV, I for one hope that this quality show rubs off on the other real networks.
  • Reply to "Who sang Oh Shenadoah?"

    The singer is the Norwegian soprano Sissel.
  • Great, Terrible, Amazing

    I really want to give The Newsroom a 10, but had to go with a 9.5 solely based on how terrible season 2 was.

    I don't get it. Season 1 was great, Season 3 has been amazing, yet somehow Aaron Sorkin wrote the WORST. SEASON. EVER. of a drama that I have that includes the season of Dexter with Jimmy Smits on it in between.... so I cant give it a perfect mark.

    Season 1 and 3 get 10s though.... infact, they should get 10.5s.

    Too bad they made that second season though.
  • Who sang Oh Shenadoah?

    Beautiful version of an old song. Who sang it? Is it available anywhere?
  • Is this series a message to the viewing mass?

    I get the feeling the storylines of Neal (espionage), Will (contempt) and Charlie (sale) is Aaron Sorkins way of saying *** you viewers who don't appreciate good and real story telling.

    What makes Mr Sorkin brilliant is the way he takes real things and makes them interesting for TV and film. But now we are in drama upon drama territory, real life in a newsroom seems to have been forgotten.

    And I doubt a writer of such quality would not be aware of this, so I am assuming it is intentional.

    It's still good but this approach will also be frustrating. Get Will back, get Neal back, get ACN back, end this 'source' story and lets get on with the cool story of life in a newsroon.

  • This show is biased and the quality following season 1 has been quite poor.

    False balance on issues is messed up and is one of the most damaging things shaping our media intake.

    The blatant bias in this show comes not from 'balancing the issues' but from cherry picking what issues they focus on.

    The have consistently focused on issues that demonstrated how irrational, anti science, illogical and moronic the Republican/'right' position is while ignoring the myriad of issues on which the Democrats/'left' position is equally as screwed up.

    Anti GMO, anti nuclear power, anti fluoridation, anti vaccination, anti pharmaceutical companies, pro organic farming products, pro alternative medicine -these are just a few of the highly anti rational thought and anti science positions that have found a following/home on the 'Left'.

    These types of issues are conveniently avoided, even during the episode that dealt will the Fukushima disaster -they didn't say a single word against the irrational and ignorant fear mongering that went and continues to go on.

    The whole romance theme that has saturated the entire show is a extremely cheap and lazy way of creating the illusion of meaningful character development.

    So in conclusion what we have here is a soapbox that is chock full of disingenuous, excessively loud tirades with an ever increasing side of teenage romantic angst style drama. . .yay. . .
  • Superb

    This series is just too good to be allowed to end after just 3 episodes. Seriously how can this series be ending so soon??????????

    Classy, fast pace acting, producing & directing all contribute to both intriguing & absorbing storylines - Aaron Sorkin is a genius to bring together such elements in one truly top quality drama..

    In time I am sure it will be recognised as one of the truly great TV drama series, people will be asking why was it only run for such a short time!!

    If the people responsible for programming have sense the will immediately CHANGE THEIR MINDS and commission a further 3 seasons with the option to run at least another 3.
  • Not as good as I thought it was

    Just watched the 2nd episode, and Emily Mortimer is pretty irritating with her overdone clumsiness and bad acting. I'm giving the series a chance because of Jeff Daniels, but if Emily's role (Mackenzie McHale) is gonna be like this in the series, then it's goodbye Miss Mackenzie.
  • The network morons have done it again!!!

    I love this show! It is smart, clever, funny, current. Why the network would want to cancel such an amazing show, and keep something so stupid & lame as "Girls" or "Veep", I have no idea. So many of the shows we've liked and looked forward to, seem to have a short life span. Really good shows like "Newsroom" are sadly scarce! The networks seem to pander to the moronic masses. No wonder our society is getting dumb & dumber! I've vented and my rant is over!
  • Just Wow

    I have seen this series within 2 weeks and I am amazed just as much as the persons who posted before me. A fictive series about a newschannel reporting of stories which really happened and can be googled is just awesome.

    Especially for a european who does not get to see all this crap shown in american television. (by crap I mean the accusations of some politicians or Rush Limbaugh)

    I really like how Will McAvoy confronts politicians and shows their mistakes, unfolds their lies.

    It is just great, cant say much more
  • Amazed

    Well i just saw both seasons in less than 24hs, so i want to know when the 3rd is coming out.

    Grettings from Argentina.

    I have watched all of these shows and feel like it never get's old. Aaron Sorking is a great writer and I thoroughly enjoy watching this.
  • love this show

    witty, fast and fantastic
  • My humble homage to 'The Newsroom', and to an EXCELLENT Season Two!!

    For two years, (actually 19 brilliant episodes) it has been Television Heaven for me on HBO, with the best episodic program that has EVER been on television: 'The Newsroom'! I don't know how it is for Aaron Sorkin and the entire cast and crew of this magnificent gift to the television medium as a whole ~ but I use this space, and my humble opinion, to salute you all, to congratulate you, and to tell you that, if you were able to broadcast 30 programs per season, it still would not be enough for me! Why? Because I honor educated people, great writing, great acting, great stage and sets, great choreography, great dialogue ~ and most of all, I honor a little thing called "the truth"! Most of the people in this country don't like the truth, and they prefer to be uninformed ~ and that is the sole reason why 'The Newsroom' does not completely dominate every facet of TV ratings!! Will McAvoy, Jeff Daniels' character in 'The Newsroom', said the whole truth, and nothing but the truth in the very first episode, when he said, "The first step in solving any problem is recognizing there is one". I feel sorry for the naysayers and the critics of this masterpiece of the fusion of television and journalism ~ because they just don't get it!! Congratulations to ALL of the aforementioned, on the Season Three okay!! Keep doing what you're doing, because you do it BEST, to hell with the critics, and "Let My Love Open The Door!" I LOVE 'The Newsroom'!!!
  • great start.... boring finish

    At first i felt very excited by this show as I have been waiting for a new show to be as interesting as the West Wing.

    But as it keeps running, my attraction for Newsroom is fading...

    the whole thing about Maggie's hair, that has lasted for almost 6-7 episodes now, is very boring. She really looks ***ed and her character is definitely killing the show

    other characters really are useless to the cast: Charlie and Neal

    and finally, the first opening theme was fine, the new one is getting me on my nerves. it's a like someone having Parkinson's disease playing piano...
  • Very good, the new Mad Men

    Very smart plot and characters. Like Mad Men you need to look behind the first impression, look behind the curtain.
  • Still got "IT"

    Not disregarding all the other relevant comments more generally about the show... but also pitching in - Jane Fonda does a jolly good job and I too would like to see her as more than just the occasional guest star. There's a real drama to the conflict between her and Sam equally relevant to that between Will and McKenzie... or maybe it's the Camomile Tea a'talking ;-)
  • What a joke!

    For the show the Newsroom to try and justify as a "mistake" NBC's attempt to racially smear the Sanford, Fl. shooting must be a joke! They could no way believe the rest of the country would believe that horse####!
  • Watching it from the beginning...

    and it occurred to me that this is Enlightened, newsroom style. Characters who play employees who are made to CARE!!!!!!!!!! REALLY, REALLY, CARE!!!!!!!!!!!

    Employees don't care. Laura Dern's character was an idiot and had no idea what a corporation is like. The company she worked for SHOULD have chewed her up and spit her out in tiny little masticated pieces. Instead, we were made to believe she was going to be Don Q and take down the company. Bollocks.

    Same with Newsroom, only the writing and acting are better. So these folks sleep, eat, and breathe the news, take it home, angst over it, frown over it, et cetera? Bollocks.

    But hey, it's just another show, right? What's his face from Law and Order is good, though.

    One thing - unless someone makes note of it, the TMI rag had a title about Will and the problem he has with his 'boundry' - yeah, boundry. Did the writer really not spell check?
  • From a Sorkin fan: I like it, but don't love it

    I am a huge fan of West Wing and Studio 60, of their funny, thought-provoking dialogue and stories, and the admirable, sympathetic protagonists. I had high expectations of Newsroom, assuming Sorkin's latest show would have all three of these elements. Ultimately, in my opinion it has the intelligent dialogue and stories, but lacks in the character development. Will McAvoy in particular rubs me ill; unlike Danny, Matt, or any of the West Wing characters, I struggle to like him at all. While he is intelligent, he treats people with a general lack of respect, often refuses to take responsibility for his mistakes, and seems to lack the genuine love of his compatriots that Danny, Matt and all of the West Wing characters had for each other. I don't expect my television characters to be perfect, but Newsroom characters lie to each other constantly, cheat on each other (there are so many emotional affairs going on, one loses count) and generally just don't have a ton of chemistry as an ensemble. I will keep watching to enjoy Sorkin's trademark wit, but unless it addresses some of these issues, I don't think The Newsroom will ever make a true fan out of me.
  • I had so much hope

    I saw the 1st episode and really liked it.

    The next think I know it is MSNBC and bashes republicans especially the Tea party.

    If it was equal disdain, I would be happier.
  • An entertaining look at media with a strong message.

    Was very curious as to how they were going to do a cable news show, as a show itself. I've been extremely surprised, and very happy with the character development, the take on actual and somewhat current news story's, as well as the powerful message I've taken away from the show as a whole. Jeff Daniels is Stellar as a flawed, but brilliant news front man, and Sam Waterston is a man to root for as his functional alcoholic, "take no shit" "boss". I kind of wish they would have started this shows timeline a little earlier in the 2000's just so that there would be more material to work with over the next couple seasons, but that is really my only gripe. If you have HBO, and a fan of topical issues, this show was written for you! My 2nd favorite show on TV!!
  • Best show I've seen since House !

    I really "felt in love" with this show ! I love the West Wing that is why I first watch The Newsroom. The first episodes really convinced me. I liked the characters right away.

    The episode 4 (the ending scene) is for me what lunches the show. This episode's ending is extraordinary. I've rewatched episode 1,2,3 with another perspective.

    Even if there is obviously romance and rivality between some characters, it's pleasant to see that it doesn't concern the main team. The solidarity between them is awesome. It's what was pleasant also in the West Wing.

    When I talked about this show with my friends they said : "No, the plot doesn't interest me. It's going to be office romance and It's so much more than that ! Sure there is some but it's almost non existent compared to the rest.

    Anyway I don't know how I'm going to be able to wait until june ! I hope we'll get a full season because 10 episodes is not enough !

    Please don't be stopped by the plot. It's great ! Give it a try ! :)

    Long life to The Newroom !
  • Dissapointing drama

    What could have been a new type of show educating us about whats 'actually' in and behind the news turned out to be an ordinary relationship drama. 'Mackenzie' is in a constant state of hysterics, resembling more a 5 year old spoiled child (screaming for ice cream) than an educated reporter. I had big hopes for 'Maggie' as the actor had prev appeared in a strong role on 'in Treatment'. Boy was I dissapointed. In fact, the main female characters (with the exception of 'Sloan') are not portrayed as emancipated highly educated professionals - but rather as hysterical, hormonally driven sluts with less than all indians in the canoe.

    This is all very dissapointing since the main plot is so very interesting and promising. Why spoil it all with gutter drama? Besides making no sense it completely spoils any attempts to display an alternative world view contrasting everyday mainstream 'FOX' (and its ilks) reporting.