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  • Best show I've seen since House !

    I really "felt in love" with this show ! I love the West Wing that is why I first watch The Newsroom. The first episodes really convinced me. I liked the characters right away.

    The episode 4 (the ending scene) is for me what lunches the show. This episode's ending is extraordinary. I've rewatched episode 1,2,3 with another perspective.

    Even if there is obviously romance and rivality between some characters, it's pleasant to see that it doesn't concern the main team. The solidarity between them is awesome. It's what was pleasant also in the West Wing.

    When I talked about this show with my friends they said : "No, the plot doesn't interest me. It's going to be office romance and It's so much more than that ! Sure there is some but it's almost non existent compared to the rest.

    Anyway I don't know how I'm going to be able to wait until june ! I hope we'll get a full season because 10 episodes is not enough !

    Please don't be stopped by the plot. It's great ! Give it a try ! :)

    Long life to The Newroom !