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  • My humble homage to 'The Newsroom', and to an EXCELLENT Season Two!!

    For two years, (actually 19 brilliant episodes) it has been Television Heaven for me on HBO, with the best episodic program that has EVER been on television: 'The Newsroom'! I don't know how it is for Aaron Sorkin and the entire cast and crew of this magnificent gift to the television medium as a whole ~ but I use this space, and my humble opinion, to salute you all, to congratulate you, and to tell you that, if you were able to broadcast 30 programs per season, it still would not be enough for me! Why? Because I honor educated people, great writing, great acting, great stage and sets, great choreography, great dialogue ~ and most of all, I honor a little thing called "the truth"! Most of the people in this country don't like the truth, and they prefer to be uninformed ~ and that is the sole reason why 'The Newsroom' does not completely dominate every facet of TV ratings!! Will McAvoy, Jeff Daniels' character in 'The Newsroom', said the whole truth, and nothing but the truth in the very first episode, when he said, "The first step in solving any problem is recognizing there is one". I feel sorry for the naysayers and the critics of this masterpiece of the fusion of television and journalism ~ because they just don't get it!! Congratulations to ALL of the aforementioned, on the Season Three okay!! Keep doing what you're doing, because you do it BEST, to hell with the critics, and "Let My Love Open The Door!" I LOVE 'The Newsroom'!!!