The Newsroom

Season 1 Episode 1

We Just Decided To

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jun 24, 2012 on HBO

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  • I love How the programme touches on the state of emotions not only in America but also in the whole world.

    America is not what is use to be, be it can be what it was. That is such a optimistic aspect to the currrent social tempo in America right now. Not only is it what everyone is thinking and will not say out loud but it also shows just how deflated but humble American's ego has become (espicaly the news channels). At first I was taken back by the raw emotion of the drama. The tempo was hightened by the relevant descion of Obamas campaign and how he has shaped the country currently. The cinematic conventions had brought a welcomed mysterious atmosphere to the debate, with the camera focusing in and out. It was as if the convesation had made us dizzy with exhaustion. When in fact the main protagoinst, Will McAvoy,himself was completely underwhelmed by the situation. We realise by the quick jokes and easiness of his glance that he had been hear before. After his dribbling rant about the state of America, he comes to work and finds his life completely upside down. And some more raw emtion is spilled and in the most honest and inpolite way possible. I adore the heated dynamic of the show and it intensifies even more when Mckenzie arrives. Awomen who has a history and a past that effects everyone int he story espically Will as she is is ex , and he did not know she was coming. Mackenzie has style and class and is sure of her self. As a Brit, I loved the apearence of Dev Patel, Nel, he brings some romantic nostalga to the casting crew. Duo to his role in Slumdog'.